April 11, 2013

Client’s Family Room Before & After

I really love my client’s style… she loves natural materials as much as I do, so I used lots of them which makes it feel really textural and natural- seagrass, linen, burlap, jute rope, driftwood and raw woods mixed with metals…  My client really trusted me in the space and I was so excited when she decided to take a risk on the rope chairs!!  They’re one of my favorite things in the room and they are sooo comfy & fun!!  The curtains also really change the feeling of the room-  they’re a soft watery ikat comprised of blues & greens & chartreuse.  We had them hung above the arched windows which simplifies all of room’s the lines a bit and makes it feel more classic and architecturally-pleasing.

We’ve had a busy week so far over here & I just got photos back from my good friend & photographer, Helen Norman, who photographed a couple of our finished projects on Monday.  I’m so excited to share the before & afters with you!!  My incredibly sweet client is very laid-back and relaxed and wanted a home that felt calming, pretty, comfortable and relaxed.  She & her family love spending time on the water and when we looked through inspiration photos together, she was mostly drawn to coastal-feeling homes.  Her kids are older now and she was ready to completely redo her home and get it exactly as she’d always wanted it to feel.  Here’s how the family room looked before:
And here it is now:

The sea life prints are a mix of vintage and new prints that I’ve been collecting for a while.  Because my client’s so trusting, she was comfortable with me finding all of the pieces over time and hanging them for her, sight unseen.  (This is always so much fun for me because I feel like I can stretch my “wings” a little and I can do things that might seem a little disjointed on paper but that look great in real life, which is more how I design my own home.  You’ll notice that there are lots of different frames hanging up there and that they’re hung pretty randomly, but I’m happy to report that she loved it. 🙂

And, my client is super-talented… unbeknownst to me until I saw this gorgeous painting she did for the family room:

{Pillow Fabrics: Pear Linen, “Tree of Life” by Jasper, and Squircles” by Lauren Liess Textiles}
She said she was “just fooling around” but if I could fool around like that, I’d call myself an artist!!!  I asked her if she’d be open to painting more for future projects and she said she would be, so I’m thrilled about that.  She used so many colors & there’s so much depth to it… I love how it turned out.
And, finally, one last pic of the whole room:
I hope you enjoyed this peek into my client’s home…  I’ll be back later this week with photos of her dining room and foyer!!  Have a great day! 🙂

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