February 26, 2020

Catching up & My New Bedding Collection!

Well hello hello!! It’s been a busy couple of months over here!!  Every time I sit down to write a blog post, I find myself typing, “I can’t believe how quickly time’s been flying” or “it’s been crazy busy over here” and I often delete it because who really wants to keep reading that, but I’ve honestly got nothing to say if I can’t share the madness that is life over here. 🙂  I’m sure you all have your very own brand of crazy going on at home yourselves (and if you don’t, I’m jealous.)

Anyway, my Spring 2020 bedding collection with Bee & Willow for Bed Bath & beyond has officially launched!!! I’m so excited to share it with you!!  We put it all together last spring (retail calendars are cray!!!)  and here’s a little peek and the behind-the-scenes process…


We started out with a larger collection than what ends up being made and then the buyers decide what they think will sell best in the stores.  (So only a small portion of what’s in these behind-the-scenes photos is actually for sale!  I STILL covet that top left bag that never actually got made lol!!)


The Bed Bath & Beyond team prepared a series of pieces and beds based on what I’d originally designed, and from there, I selected favorites and we tweaked things together.


…And then- WE WAITED for the Spring launch.  (Which I’ve now learned in retail world really means it comes out in February lol)


Fawn approves


I thought I’d share some of my favorite pieces at home so you can see how I used them.  (And because studio pics just aren’t my thang 😉  So many of them are on sale right now too!!

First up is my very first fabric pattern, “Live Paisley”  on both duvet covers and comforters, that I created almost 8 years ago.  I was feeling a bit out of my element, attempting to draw textile patterns as a non-artist, and told myself I was just “doodling.”  As I came to the center of the paisley “doodle” I was working on, I had some extra space and I remember just sort of trying to convince myself that I could do this and shouldn’t care about not having had any training or what anyone thought about my designs and that I just needed to kind of shake it all off and “live my life” the way I needed/ wanted to. So if you look closely in the center of each paisley, you’ll see my little self-pep talk 😉 😉

Live Paisley in Indigo


LIVE PAISLEY AVAILABLE HERE  and in some stores.  (Good/bad news is that it’s sold out in lots of stores- yay but boo!!)

I love a good stripe and this quilt (below) was based off of a favorite  antique indigo textile…  It’s so crazy sturdy and well-made.  It only comes in queen & king but I really wanted it for my boys’ room so I’m altering them to twins.  (The price is also amazing so I figured worth altering)


The eyelet duvets and comforters come in both white and natural and I love them…


I took lots of pics lol


Both of the eyelets come in the same pattern and have alternating “stripes” of embroidery:



As I was making up our bed to take photos, Rory fell asleep…


The Fern bedding is a single frond taken from my original “Fern Star” fabric…  and it’s sadly all sold out, along with the fern star pillows.  (Good news is I’m working on selling a few select pillows in our new online shop soon!!)



I love love love the sweat tea-stained crocheted throw above and below and have bought a bunch for gifts and around our house.



This next one is really hard to show on a screen but I based this pillow off of antique Martha Washington quilts and I love its nubby texture and fringe…

I have a vintage set at home that they were based off of so I don’t have my own photo but you can see it better in the photo below.

There are so many pretty little details on the pillows and I ended up really happy with how the collection turned out….


My only regret was that we didn’t make more!! 🙂 To check out the entire collection GO HERE.


I’m off for the day but will be back soon to post all of the HOMEWORKS I’ve done over the past couple of months and – THIS IS SO -EXCITING!!!- to share befores & afters of our most recent rehab house!!!  It goes on the market next week and it is NUTS over there as all of the finishing touches get wrapped up and we install all of the furniture!! Eeeeek!!!


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