September 27, 2012


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I remember the buttercups that used to dot my elementary school playground.
 I went there for nine years so I knew the field well.  The buttercups would shoot up faster than the blades of grass between mowings.
{image from wikipedia}
When we were younger, we’d hold them up under eachother’s chins & it was, ” Do you like butter?”
A little older and it was, “he loves me, he loves me not”
{He loves me!}
 You never really knew if he was going to love you or not with buttercups because some types have 5 petals and others have 6.
I loved making flower chains & never really grew out of it.  I remember doing them in the Spring as I waited for my turn at long jump in high school track.  One day I remember making necklaces for the other sprinters & somehow convincing even the guys to wear them as crowns…  (My coach must have loooved that 😉
ahahahaha   (It really still makes me laugh out loud.)
More than anything, I just remember always picking them up & playing with them when I see them.  Long talks on the field with my best friend, scooping down to pick a buttercup, subconsciously.  Crumbling the old flower centers into little pieces between my fingers & rolling them around.


I love these pics of the plants from NC State…  (above & below)


It’s for pretty much all of these reasons that I’ve known for a while I wanted to do a buttercup design for my textile line.  When the power went out for days this Summer & we needed to get out of town, we made an impromput visit to see my dad in Illinois & have him meet the baby…  The car ride is 13 hours and it was the first time after Luke was born (in May) that I’d had some time to sketch.  I  worked on “buttercup” in my lap…
{The beginnings of it…  as you can see, drawing doesn’t come easily to me & there are lots of erase marks & mess ups}
The design (like all of them) is just an interpretation… not a botanical study.  I add my own little things here & there and I’m sure I leave out pretty important parts, but it’s the feeling that I’m after…


{One of my first strike-offs}

I’m working on the final colorways now but I’m really happy with the light earthiness of this first one…

A few more options are on their way & I hope you enjoyed a peek into the process.
Do you have any buttercup memories?

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