May 17, 2019

Bits from Lately & Lucketts Spring Market

Happy Friday!! Hope you’ve had a great week!   Spring has been in full-force around here and the flowers are going crazy!!  We’ve got lots of exciting projects going on over here and it’s been a good, productive week over here and I thought I’d share some snippets.

Inside the house, it’s always pretty chaotic and crazy with us constantly attempting to keep the wheels on the wagon but we have our moments where I feel time slows and I just want to savor it forever.

This was actually from the other week but I had to share. A quiet little moment Aurora was having with herself. (And I literally mean “moment” – she was up terrorizing the house a second later!!)


Outside, there’s been lots of animal activity with foxes, coyotes, hawks and now we’re seeing lots of butterflies…

Dave found this beautiful black and teal butterfly in the creek…


We love driving around our town looking at houses & properties for fun… (that’s gotten us into trouble on more than one occasion- hence our large # of moves but we’re feeling very attached to our house 😉 )

We were driving around looking at houses last night and came across this beautiful crumbling old chimney that someone has saved for their new build. Seriously amazing.


I’m excited to show you some of the amazing projects we’re currently working on.  It takes YEARS to get to the glossy photos stage but I love this one just as much, below, where we had an amazing site meeting with our client, her builder BOWA, and the cabinet makers (more on that soon!!!) and Greg Giannetti from Giannetti’s Studios who is gong to be doing the MOST AMAZING plaster ceilings throughout:

We have some really fun projects going on right now and one of them is for a super sweet & spunky client who is turning a Georgetown rowhouse into a glam-Parisan-modern-bachelorette pad. Our palette is white, brass and peachy-blush with hits of black and pale wood. It’s going to be such a cool, over-the-top place and I’m having so much fun working with her “More is more” / maximalist style which is completely different from my own personal style. We’re working with Giannetti’s Studios to make the most amazing heavily plastered ceilings throughout.


…And on the furniture design side of things, we’re in the prototype production phase- woohoo!!!!

And I can’t believe it’s actually happening but we’re starting prototype production for my furniture collection with Woodbridge!!! Here’s a little behind-the-scenes peek at a handmade “stacked stone” side table we’re working on. It’s being worked on in wood right now to get it right but it will be cast eventually and in a pale white/natural color.


And finally, we’re off to the Lucketts Spring Market today and I’ll be posting in IG stories!!

Lucketts has always been a very favorite place of mine to shop and their Markets are INSANE!!! I’m so excited!!  It’s going on today and all weekend long and you can get tickets from the above link.

Have an amazing weekend!! xo

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