April 24, 2012

Before & After: Client’s Dining Room

It looks like slate but was super-inexpensive.  (I know, I know, chalkboard is EVERYWHERE… but I still love it in enexpected places!!)  We had planned to use honed granite or concrete & I’m so happy she did this instead!!!  It’s so convenient now to label food & drinks set out on the bar.

Last year, we began working with our clients who were undergoing a major renovation to their home.  The renovation was a thoughtful reworking of the existing space with the only addition to the house’s footprint being the new screened-in porch.  The entire floorplan of the first floor was reworked and my clients created a massive open kitchen with an attached dining room and entry out of what once was the kitchen, dining room, living room and entry.  The wife likes bold fresh colors & has slightly modern taste while the husband is pretty traditional so we were really after a blending of the two.
We did the full house but I thought I’d start out by sharing the dining room with you.  Here’s a photo of the dining room “before” which was at the back of the house:
And here’s the dining room now:
Like me, my client loves botanicals & we couldn’t resist these two massive ones by Natural Curiosities.  I flanked them with large bright green lamps to balance out their size.  The trestle table is paired with lighter carved chairs and I love the detail on the seat backs.   We found the neutral Greek key rug at Stark.  On the table, I used modern garden cloches on the table filled with ferns and orchids.
We had the existing sideboard laquered white and my client had the GENIUS idea of adding a wooden board painted with chalkboard paint to the top of it:


For curtains, we used an overscale blue paisley by Schumacher and throughout the house we used a combination of bright blues & greens.  This project was particularly special for us to work on for a number of reasons and the “big reveal” had me teary… I want to thank my clients so much for letting us into your home &  your lives.

I’m off for the day- am having contractions and am heading in to doc to check it out & am doubting this is “it” but they make you come in anyway so we’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted!!
UPDATE:  I’m home from doc and all is good & contractions will be coming & going but they aren’t painful enough yet to be very productive!  Will keep you posted & hopefully I still have a couple mroe weeks to go 🙂

xoxo, Lauren

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