March 3, 2020

All done & some news!

We just FINISHED our most recent rehab project in Great Falls and it’s been a CRAZY couple of weeks!!! Lots of late nights getting two houses ready (one for clients and then this one to sell)  and, though seriously mentally and physically exhausting, it’s absolutely one of my favorite parts of this job.  It’s not something I could do every week- because I’d miss the kids and home-cooked food too much- but finally getting to see that vision I’ve had in my head for so long come to life is truly satisfying.

By the end of a week of installing at the Great Falls property, our kids were asking to move into the “flip house.”  We brought them over a lot to “help,” and in true kid fashion, their favorite part is the basement. (I think our partners’ four year old daughter, Coco, would also like to move into the house and there is the CUTEST video of her on the @PropertyCollective Instagram account.)

The week before last we installed a big project Lauren Liess & Co. has been working on for two years and got to “reveal” it to the family (which is truly THE BEST!!) and this week we’re sharing our (just finished last night!!) rehab project with our Property Collective partner, Daan DeRaedt, who is the listing agent for the property.   Daan hasn’t been in the house in a month BUT TODAY he’ll get to see the finished product!!!  (I’m not sure we’ll ever keep him out of a house for this long again because it’s been tough for him to see the entire team- including his wife, Maura, working like crazy inside the house while he’s stuck outside.)  We’re planning on touring the house with Daan today at 12 PM and sharing the reveal LIVE in stories on my Instagram account @laurenliess so check it out if you’re free!  We’ll be answering questions too!!

Here’s a peek at the great room when we bought the house….

The great room “before”… truly awesome bones!!!

…And here it is now:

The great room now!  Photo by Helen Norman


Believe it or not, we left the wood treatment exactly the same on the ceiling (the original photo lighting is a bit cooler than in real life) and when we painted the walls white, sanded down the white oak floors, and took them to a “raw”/ “natural” finish- they worked!!  (The yellow walls are a sure way to make woodwork appear purple)

We photographed the entire house yesterday with Helen Norman and I’m BEYOND THRILLED to finally share with you that I have a new book, FEELS LIKE HOME, coming out with Abrams next Spring (2021) and it’ll include this place!!

I’ll be writing about the design process, our story, and all about making this place feel like “home.” I originally thought I would share the process in a blog post, but after pouring so much into it for so long with our co-founders and teams, I really want to be able to do it justice, dig in, and truly get all my thoughts and feelings about it down on paper.  I really love having projects saved in that way and feel like when I photograph them and really delve into them, I sort of have a piece of them forever.

SIDE NOTE: I’ve been journaling since I was seven and stopped when I started blogging ten years ago but I’ve always been a little crazy about writing things down/ chronicling/ photographing life so I can look back and remember.  ( I’ve told Dave that if I ever lose my memory, I’ve “Notebook’d” it all so he’s got stories and life written down to read to me every day. 😉 kidding but totally not kidding at all.)  If you’ve ever read The Secret Language of Birthdays, it’s this book that describes your personality based on your birthday (based upon data from thousands of people’s lives and taking overlapping personality traits from all of the people)  and it’s so much fun to read.  My day is called the “Protective Chronicler” and we died laughing when we read it because it was so on… it was all about this need to chronicle everything. being protective of family and loved ones,  and this lifelong struggle/ desire for “balance” between career and family life.

Anyway, I can’t wait to share more about the new book for you, but for now, if you’re free today, be sure to check out Instagram Live and see the house tour!!  We won’t be sharing many photos of the house yet because I’m saving them for the book so today’s the day!!  The house goes on the Market this Thursday and  if you’re interested in it, you can go here for more info.

If you’re a real estate agent and are interested in coming to the Broker’s Open party on Thursday, reach out to …  We’ll have chef there making yummies & craft cocktails in the kitchen!!   And finally, our Property Collective team is growing!! We have some awesome new team members and are so excited!!!  If you’re an agent in the VA-MD-DC area and looking to be a part of an agency that thrives on collaboration and creativity (+ friendly faces!)  send us a message here. 

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