April 28, 2020

All about celery

This week’s HOMEWORK IGTV episode was All About Celery!

Has anyone else been doing the morning celery juice on an empty stomach thing?  (I’m generally not one to believe in miracle “fixes” but when one of my best friends told me she’s been doing it after she saw it on the Medical Medium Instagram account and was hooked, Dave and I figured we’d give it a shot.)

About five months ago, we both started drinking a 16 oz glass of celery juice (an entire stalk/bunch each!!) every morning on an empty stomach. At first it was awful (we had trouble keeping it down by day 3) but we pushed through and it got easier to take down ( though I still kind of can’t stand it.) I didn’t really realize much had changed until the first day I missed it and I fell asleep at 7:30 PM the way I used to and I realized that since I’d started taking it, I was staying up “late” (at least 10!) and I had more energy & felt leaner at night if that makes any sense.  Anyway, as much as I hate drinking it, there are noticeable results for us and we’re hooked. We’ve yet to buy a juicer (blender + cheesecloth!) and we go through a minimum of 14 bunches of celery a week so this celery propagating homework was a must for us and is really going to pay off in a month or two when we can just grab it from the garden!!

To watch the episode on YOUTUBE go here.

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