May 18, 2011

A peek at my new fabrics

I am almost ready to get my fabrics up in my online store!!  They haven’t yet been photographed but I thought I’d share the quick pics I took of them with you.  I am obessed with fabrics and working on these designs has been such a fun experience.   They are all on heavy duty linen and will be sold for around $100/ yard and I am working on finding the perfect cotton groundcloth for those who are looking to spend less.

When I first started getting into fabric designing I was a bit surprised at the pricing, but as I’ve learned a bit more about it & what’s available in the marketplace, I’ve realized all that it entails and understand why high-quality textiiles & linens costs what they do.  When textiles are printed in smaller runs for boutique companies, it’s not the same as mass-produced  fabrics, and there’s a cost associated with that.  (This is why I sometimes use the most expensive fabric in a room on pillows! 😉

So anyway, I tossed the linens on the floor & took some pics in groupings.  Not all of them are pictured and they are all available in several colorways.

{Wild Chicory in black & oatmeal , Magnolia in China Blue, and Happikat in sky blue}
I drew wild chicory originally as the logo for my business cards and was ended up really loving it so I did it in an overscale woodcut-esque fabric.  My friend Kat Wright painted the magnolias and she is soooo insanely talented.  She also worked up Happikat for me on the computer from sketches.


{Magnolia in yellow, Happikat in cocoa on oatmeal}

Here’s the olive-based collection:

{Happikat in Olive, Magnoilia in funky green on oatmeal, Chicory in Olive and and Large “Squircles” in green & aqua.}
Here are some more saturated versions in pinks & blues:


{Magnolia in Pink, Happikat in Navy/ Pink, Happikat in Coral/ Aqua and Large Squicles in Pink on oatmeal}
I love me some green so here’s another green collecion:


{Magnolia in True, Happikat in Kelly Green, Wild Chicory in Spring Green, and Wild Chociry in Black on Oatmeal}
Here’s some more black & white:


{Happikat in Black & White, Magnolia in Grayscale, and a little peek at Magnolia in Orange}
Here’s a picture of Happikat on the curtains in the DC Design House:


I recently did Happikat in Navy & Green for a client’s living room design:
And here is a photo of the “Squircles” Design (Square and Circle):
{Black& White, Green on Aqua, Pink on Oatmeal and Sky Blue}
They are also available in a square version which I originally designed for a client’s round ottoman:
{Squircles in B&W}
Anyway, there are many more coming and I’m working on some “inside out” versions where the patterns are paler & barely there.  I will let you know as soon as I get them up online.  I haven’t been able to devote as much time to the fabrics as I’d like to have lately, but it’s on my list for this next month.
I can’t wait to share more with you!!  🙂

xoxo, Lauren

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