March 6, 2017

A Peek at a Current Kitchen Project & TV Show Update


{Random first photo but had to share- it’s starting to feel like home now that we have these babies up!!  Every week a little more gets done!!}

Anyway, a kitchen project we’ve been working on over the past few months is starting to come together and I couldn’t be more excited with how it’s turning
out!! Our clients – a mother-daughter-duo- are some of the sweetest, warmest, most positive people I’ve ever met in my life and I CANNOT WAIT for them
& their family to get to enjoy the new kitchen!! They have an amazing vegetable garden outside the kitchen doors and they love to cook. We wanted
the space to be simple, open, and functional, and to feel like a real working kitchen, with things accessible and practical.

Here’s a quick pic of the original kitchen “before”:

{The mudroom was behind the kitchen and a the pantry jut out in the left corner while the kitchen was on the right with an angled island. There was some
HVAC in the pantry corner that the pantry hid.}

I knew right away that I loved the angles of the ceiling and wanted to play them up by adding some sort of interesting architectural element. I also wanted
to get rid of the angles and create some symmetry. I figured that if we moved the entire kitchen wall about two feet forward, we could create a really
clean look by recessing in the range and the refrigerator into the drywall and we could still hide the HVAC without a pantry. We centered the range
on the peak of the ceiling to create a strong focal point with the refrigerator and door to the mudroom on either side.

Here’s my original very messy sketch:

I gave the sketch to the team at CarrMichael Construction, who turned it into a presentable,
buildable CAD drawing (kudos to them for dealing with my inability to draw!!) so we could then present it to our clients (who loved it and said “yes!!”)

While we’re not quite finished yet, I couldn’t wait to share a little progress peek with you. Here it is, (with the newly added antique beams!!):

We’ve got a beautiful custom pot rack and lighting going over the island, open shelving on the sink wall and a few more details to add (including a wood-burning
stove on the other side of the kitchen!!) before furnishings go in but I’m already so excited with where it’s at!!  I can’t wait for my clients
to get to enjoy it!!

On another note, things have been progressing with our TV show pilot and the production company should be selecting the show clients shortly, which is
really exciting!!  We begin filming in a couple of weeks and things are feeling very surreal right now.  I’m not involved in the selection
process but wanted to thank everyone – so much- who submitted for taking the time to do it.  I’ve heard there were lots of amazing entries and
so I know they’re having a tough time choosing.  The good thing is that if the show does get picked up for a whole season, (fingers crossed!)
there will be many more opportunities and we’ll hopefully get to work with lots of you!!

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