November 3, 2014

Getting Excited!!

On of the most satisfying aspects of being a decorator is that I constantly get to walk in others’ shoes, style-wise.  I’ve yet to meet a client who shares my exact style- though some are really close!- and I have so much fun designing different types of homes for different types of clients.  Although I approach every project with my own aesthetic & style – which is fairly constant- I honestly can’t imagine what it would feel like if all of my clients shared the same style.  It would get tedious… quickly.   The fun comes in looking at a house and then looking at my client, and figuring out how to make the project fit him or her.


I’ll admit, I definitely have a “look,” and a way of approaching design because of my aesthetic, my love for nature and the way I like things balanced out in a room, but all of the ingredients- styles, color schemes, levels of formality, mood, etc.-  that go into a room change with different people, and that’s where the challenge for me lies.  One of the things I’m so excited to share in my book is the variety of different types of projects we’ve been working on that’s currently not very evident in the portfolio on my website.  The book will feature almost 30 different homes, whose owners couldn’t be more unique- from modern condos in the DC to traditional Virginia Colonials to grand historical homes in the city to quaint places in the country- and I can’t wait to share it with you!!  There are so many different styles and points of view.


Because the projects are so different, there’s no way anyone would ever look at every house in it and think “I could live in any of these,” but I hope that readers will be able to look each of the projects individually and appreciate them for what they are and for what can be gleaned from them.  

For about a year now, we’ve been working on a really interesting project in DC with Franck & Lohsen Architects & CarrMichael Construction.  It’s very different from anything we’ve ever done before and I’m so thrilled that my client knew we were up for the challenge even though none of our previous work featured anything quite like it.  it’s a beautiful old historical home on an incredible piece of property that had some unfortunate “updates” done to it in the 70s- including walling in a staircase!!- and chopped up rooms.  Our client’s style is fresh, bold, colorful and glamorous.  She and her family love to entertain and will use all of the rooms in the house- even- and especially- the formal rooms, which I’m so excited about!!  (I feel like most people these days really seem to be using all of the space in their homes and trying to make the most out of every room… have you noticed that?  Love it.)  Our client is truly fearless about decorating and knows what she wants.  (In fact, the only thing I can say she is afraid of is “blah…”  If her eyes don’t immediately light up when we present something, I know we need to go bolder & more special, more unique.  We’ve been having so much fun!!)



The house itself is going to be beautifully classic when it’s finished.  Franck & Lohsen have been a-mazing to work with.  They really seem to think creatively and nothing is too far-fetched or impossible for them.  They’re filling the house with beautiful details, like plaster ceiling designs in the living room and library, and the most beautiful woodwork and moldings throughout.  


{Design by Bunny Williams.  The style is very different from what we’re going for, but this was one of the images I looked at when thinking about the palette….  the cobalt blues & greens.  And I LOOOOVE that velvet table cloth!!!  mmm mmmm!!!  }

As far as the decorating goes, we’re bringing in a palette of intense blues, mixed with hints of gray, mossy greens and chartreuse.  There are warm, organic elements woven throughout to warm it up, like burled woods and antiques with lots of patina, and there will be lots of sparkle.  We’re going for a sort of modern mixed with old-school decorating approach to the design meaning we’re mixing crazy Midcentury pieces (like murano glass chandeliers & sputnik-esque fixtures) with French and English antiques, lots of new comfortable, tailored upholstery and chintz.  It’s sculptural and clean-feeling yet extremely layered with textures & materials- velvets, silks, linens & seagrass- and art.


{The color of these curtains is close to the silk ones we’re doing in the living room.   Image via pinterest.}

We’ve been collecting things for this project for almost a year now and I’ve been having so much fun shopping for it!  It’s really satisfying to be able to travel and find things for others that you know they’ll love- living vicariously I guess! 😉 😉


{the antique pink rug we found for our client’s dressing room… in love!!}


The renovation is moving full speed ahead with completion planned for the end of the Winter.  Our clients cannot WAIT to move in!!  I’m hoping to share more with you as things progress on the interior construction and if all goes as planned, will be able to include the project in the book.  I’ll keep you posted!!

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