October 15, 2014

#4 and The Lake House


So excited to tell you that… Liess Baby Number 4 is on the way, due May 2nd!
{We’d just found out that another one was on the way in this pic that Christian, our 7 year old, took.}
Our 3 guys- 7.4 &2- are everything to us, and we’re so happy about having another one!!!  I grew up basically as an only child (my little sister was born when I was 15) and I’ve always wanted a bigger family of my own.  Dave is one of five so no surprise there.  Our lives have obviously felt very full with three boys, and as much as we wanted to stay on easy street (= life without an infant), our family just didn’t quite feel complete to us.  It was like someone was missing.  Odd, I know.
We’re waiting for the baby to be born to find out if he’s a boy or a girl, but I’ve been calling it a “he” and accidentally saying things to the boys like, “your baby brother…” because I honestly  can’t fathom having anything other than a boy.  If a little girl pops out, we will be SHOCKED.  (Though just as thrilled.)  Anyway, we couldn’t be happier about our impending little one and I have already started to eat my weight in food on a daily basis.  

{The boys hanging on at my dad’s new lake house}
On another note, and a bit more design-y, I wanted to share some photos of my dad’s new lake house with you!  It’s a little over 3 hours away from us and is on Lake Gaston on the North Carolina side.  We’re really hoping that my dad (who currently lives in Illinois) will be able to spend a good amount of time at the lake house so we can see him more.  He plans to travel back and forth because his work is in the Midwest.
{Louie stepped into a mud wasp nest and got a few stings right before this pic so was hanging out a little bit away from the water’s edge, where he got stung.}
My parents divorced when I was two years old so I’ve lived twelve hours away from him pretty much my entire life.  We’ve always wanted to be closer and it’s finally happening!!!!  The boys are so excited that Nanoo’s moving closer and of course are pumped about the water & all the fun things they’ll get to do:  Waterskiing, swimming, fishing & boating, jetskiing & tubing etc.  We’re never going to want to leave!!!
{back yard view}
We’re planning on adding some additional bedrooms to the house in the future but for now, we’re working on the bones: flooring throughout, kitchen, bathrooms, and fixing doors and windows.
The great room is what made me love the house when I walked in for the first time:
{the great room}
The back of the house is pretty much all windows and doors with views straight to the lake.  There’s a catwalk area above the first floor and the left end of it leads to a master bedroom and the right side (seen in pic below) will eventually lead to another bedroom.
{the view from the kitchen to the back of the house}
Most of the doors have issues being opened & closed (meaning, they don’t really work at all) so they’ll need to be replaced.  I haven’t decided yet on the exact style but I do think- though I like the doors that are currently in the house- that they’re not quite right for the more contemporary architecture of the house, so we’ll probably go with something a little more modern.  All mouldings throughout the house are being removed and replaced with pieces with straighter/ cleaner profiles.
{the living area}
I love the open floor plan of the house and cannot WAIT to hang there when it’s finished!!!  The three windows in the back of the house (pic below) will be replaced with windows of equal sizes.
The entire current kitchen is coming out and I’m having the angled wall to the right (see pic below) squared off to allow for the refrigerator to be moved over there and to add a closet in the foyer on the other side.  It will make the kitchen perfectly symmetrical which will feel so much better.
I’m not thrilled above the bay window wall in the back of the kitchen but have some ideas that I think will make it work.  Lighting is incredibly tricky in the kitchen/ great room because of the ceilings.  In the kitchen they’re all angled so I’ll be using mostly wall lighting and the ceilings are so high in the living room/ dining room area that it’s a challenge.
Here’s a view of the dining area & stairs:
The railing will be replaced with iron ones with a thinner profile.  All of the floors will be in random width wide plank reclaimed oak floor boards except the laundry room & bathrooms, which will be tiled.
The master bedroom on the main level has a fireplace, which my dad will really enjoy. (see pic below)  I’m going ot give it a little facelift because it feels a bit temporary to me now:
The upstairs master bedroom will be our bedroom and I really love it!!  Sadly, the chimney from the master bedroom below it blocks a good portion of the view out the back, but it has a pair of doors that lead out to a private balcony.
I’m really thinking about wallpaper in here…  I love the idea because it’s not an every-night-of-the-year-bedroom so it can be a little more out-there than my normal bedroom would be and it’s also fairly bland, architecturally-speaking.
We’re completely redoing the bathroom:
We’ll be adding windows for natural light.
Here’s the view off of the balcony towards the woods:
And here’s the view towards the lake:
My dad -who has incredibly traditional taste but is starting to trust me more- is giving me a massive amount of leeway in the decorating decisions, and I’m bringing in his favorite colors: blues & grays.  The house has a similar feeling to my own home in terms of a bit of a light & airy, natural, vintage/ 70s modern vibe, but the palette will be slightly fresher and whiter/ cooler to reflect the home’s surroundings.  I have to be really careful about how much midcentury makes its way into the house because my dad really is a rolly-scrolly type of guy.  BUT- We have a really cool retro (50s) coffee table with little white and black stones all over the top (scary-sounding, I know) that was my grandparents’ that I’m thinking of putting in the living room.  My dad loves it because it’s sentimental.  I remember it so vividly from their Chicago living room when I was a kid and looking at it just brings me back to that house.  (It was a big old bungalow with secret passageways in some of the closets!!!!
{Christian, a couple of weeks ago, loving the lake}
We’re stopping by the house today on our way down to High Point Market to check out progress at the house.  (Demo only…  they started Moday.)  I can’t wait to see!!!  I’l keep you posted and will be back soon to share kitchen plans.  I’m not quite sure what the timeline is on the project, but it’s possible that I’ll be able to include it in the book…  my fingers are so crossed!!!
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