House Projects

A behind-the-scenes look inside some of the many home transformations we’re juggling at any given moment, you’ll find photos, videos, and design plans of ongoing projects here.

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Beach Cabin

We found this little retreat tucked away in the Outer Banks and immediately fell for the rustic simplicity. We’re restoring this cozy cabin, one paneled room at a time, and keeping every bit of the camp-like charm.

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Meet the Beach Cabin
quiet morning
beach cabin windows & doors
The Meadow - Our "Forever" House

Follow along as we renovate our “forever” (for now) home, a 70s era house in a sunny meadow that we’re affectionately categorizing as fairytale modern.

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A tour of our new house the "Meadow"
The Front Views
Morning in the Meadow
Post Demo Tour
Meadow Planting
Barn Monster #1
Barn Monster #2
Learning the Land
The Meadow Hilltop

We’re excited to share this ongoing new build project on five hidden acres in Great Falls, VA. The challenge is to create a home that feels organic and modern, with the same magic the surrounding property holds. The architecture is equal parts fairytale and primitive sensibility, hopefully inspiring its owners to live a life of connection, joy, and intentionality.

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The Meadow Hilltop
Dune House

This hidden treasure of a beach house was full of rustic charm but needed a loving touch. We are restoring her to her former glory with some added livability and timeless style.

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dune house #8: install day
dune house #5: tile & progress
dune house #7- pre install
dune house #3: design plans walk through
dune house #2: "before" montage
dune house #1- live initial walk through
Ep. 2: Pre-demo walk-through
The Dune House Ep. 4: Another testing post
Wisconsin Farmhouse

Come along for the ride as we reimagine this farmhouse for family living, taking great care to honor its roots with finishes and furnishings that felt more inherited than collected. The goal was timeless sensibility and an artful simplicity worthy of the views.

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#4 A new "old" laundry room
#3 Welcome to the Farmhouse
Horse Country Modern

We’re renovating this 70s era home in an equestrian neighborhood to be worthy of its peaceful pasture views. We will be living here while overseeing the work and waiting on our “forever” home to be move-in ready.

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horse country modern #24 - photoshoot styling
horse country modern #23 - the library
horse country modern #5- down with the fence
horse country modern #1 - live house tour
horse country modern progress
horse country modern #21 - Side garden
horse country modern #18 - hot cocoa window
horse country modern #17 - snow day
horse country modern #16- final site visit, countertop install, & move in
horse country modern #15 - kitchen cabinets
horse country modern #13 - pretty stuff is going in
horse country modern #12 - flooring install + major progress
horse country modern #11 - training montage
horse country modern #10- exterior paint selection
horse country modern #9 - front exterior landscaping thoughts
horse country modern #8 - hello windows site visit
horse country modern #7 - check-in tour
horse country modern #4- post demo check-in
horse country modern #3- house check-in
horse country modern #2- house demo tour
The House That François Built

We bought this Alsatian country home from the Haeringer sons, who own and operate one of the most well-known and well-loved French restaurants around. Follow along as our team renovates the entire home, lightening and opening it up to better suit a family of seven.

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Pear Blossoms Through the Window
Our Old House Tour
Bedroom Tour
Slow Lunch At Home