April 25, 2020

Wild clover ice cube foraging

Wild clover has always been one of my favorite “weeds.” That sweet smell brings me back to childhood, picking clover in the fields to weave clover chains and make posies.

Wild clover has long symbolized good fortune and luck! It’s an edible flower and contains tannin, glycosides, and organic acids, which can be beneficial for respiratory issues such as bronchitis or coughs. Clover can also be used for in both baths and compresses to help treat skin irritation and reduce inflammation. It makes a delicious tea too!

They are EVERYWHERE in the beginning of spring and summer

Clover ice cubes are a beautiful surprise for guests in cocktails or sparkling water and the kids love making this simple treat!

We use a large square mold for extra large, perfectly square cubes but any ice cube tray or mold will work.

They elevate even a plain ol’ glass of water!

For a more detailed description of how we do it go here!

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