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But this time, it sounds like everyone will be physically okay, and I’m filled with a little bit of hope too.   Hearing how kids and staff members protected each other and literally took wounds for one another is inspiring.  It  reminds me of how good people really are.   There’s so much bad out there, but there’s so much good too…  so much love, even for strangers.  It inspires me to be better, to try to do more.  I know it doesn’t take the pain of what happened away for all of those who were personally affected, but these kids have reminded us all of what it is to really be human, to care, to protect others. 

I try to remind myself that every interaction I have with someone can leave him or her feeling better, worse or the same.  And that’s every interaction: talking with a friend, a co-worker, a telemarketer or someone ringing you up at a register.  When I’m tired or off of my game, I know I’m less focused on the person I’m interacting with and might not leave that person feeling better than when I found them. 

When things like this happen, it reminds me that we have no idea what people are going through, and everyone can use some feeling better, all the time.  It reminds me to be better.