May 8, 2023

the girls’ bedroom

It’s been a loooong time coming but I’m finally sharing a photo tour of the girls’ bedroom! It’s one of the coziest spots in the house, lovingly referred to by the girls as their “apartment.” I am shocked at both the quantity of art supplies they manage to squeeze into the room and also at the breakneck pace of their “art” production. (there is a LOT happening in here.) We have a little kids library area in an office down the hall for book storage but I keep a basket in here for returns.

Their bedroom is right next to ours, and as we were reconfiguring our bedroom (we combined two bedrooms into one primary suite) we were able to get them a ton of closet space which has been key in keeping it organized and neat-ish. Below are a couple of photos of it when we first bought the house- total blank slate. We redid the hardwoods throughout the house in “fawn” white oak from my collection with Wellborn Wright.

It was a nice sunny, medium-sized room to begin with. Their old rattan beds fit well with an antique pine dresser we kept in the hallway of our last house. The girls were a little sad to leave the old house (we all were!) and the wallpaper in their bedroom so we hunted for something that they’d love and that had the free-spirited-bit-of-cheerful-mayhem vibe I was after. We all loved the brown owl wallpaper and I found a pair of vintage Swedish curtains in a larger brown floral print to play with scale.

There has been a lot of rug & bedspread swapping in here over the past year or so since we’ve lived here! Below (photo by Helen Norman) you can see the original vintage rug from the Lauren Liess & Co. vintage rug shop mixed with solid oatmeal/ivory quilts. In the cooler months, we add on rust-tones folk-inspired fleece blankets for more warmth. (above) Throw pillows are in Lauren Liess Textiles “thistle” in sepia. My Spring 2023 rug collection with Rugs USA is launching next week and I decided to try one of my newest washable rugs in here- the Bayberry Vintage in “rust” and totally fell in love with it! (above! ps- we haven’t announced the new collection launch yet, so you are the first to know that there’s already a sneakity peek up there!!)

The paintings are from our collection- one is a sweet country landscape and the other is a beautifully done antique oil of ducks.

Like I said, what really keeps the bedroom neat is the big closet. Each girl has her own set of doors and the closet goes all the way through in the middle. (which they love) We used closet systems from Ikea and – though we have had to re-glue on more than one occasion- they are working really well for us functionally. Here’s a peek (don’t judge lol- I only half-opened Aurora’s side/ her side of the closet is a hot mess)

Anyway, that’s about it! It’s a hot mess on any given day but cleans up pretty easily and I rarely feel like it’s getting out of hand. I owe that to keeping the dresser completely EMPTY of clothes and letting the girls put whatever they want in there… toys/ crafts etc. It’s COMPLETELY DISORGANIZED but allows the room to get cleaned up in just a few minutes. (I stay away from that thing though lol) I hope you enjoyed this peek into one of my favorite rooms in the house!! I linked to a few of the things I get asked about most in the room below! xo

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Annie Dee
27 days ago

My daughters, almost identical in age to your daughters, each have an ikea rast dresser (primed in white – I’ve never gotten around to painting it… – with brass knobs) as nightstands. That means they each get three little drawers for their “stuff” and “treasures”. There’s an odd mix of organizers inside for all their tiny things. . I also bought them matching jewelry boxes by stackers from the container store.

As for their closets, very cool set up. Do you like the bifold doors? I’ve always found them cumbersome.

Such a pretty room. The entire room wallpapered is fabulous. Go big or go home!!

26 days ago
Reply to  Annie Dee

Thanks so much Annie! 🙂 Love that!
We do like the bi-folds and plan to do them again in our next place but they RARELY close them so there’s that 😉

Karen B.
26 days ago

I absolutely love the room and especially the beds and wallpaper. What fun.
Karen B.

2 hours ago

Help! The link to the owl wallpaper doesn’t work. Can you please point me in the right direction? Fabulous!

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