October 18, 2011

Sneakity Peek- Vignette

xoxo, Lauren

(ignore me in the mirror 😉
Here’s a little pic from an install we did this summer…  I’ll be sure to take better pics when the artwork is installed in the next couple of weeks but I thought this little {unstyled} vignette sums up the style of the rooms pretty well.  These particular clients have been a dreeeeeeam to work with and the results are very personal & comfortable & natural with the teensiest hint of a modern edge.  I want to go hang there and am slightly obsessed with the soft, comfy braided jute rugs we used.  🙂
The dining room is beyond the living room and you can spy a bit of the green grasscloth on the walls.

**update**  I’ve received lots of emails about the jute rugs.  We had these custom bound and the jute itself is from Stark Carpet.  Thanks!! 🙂

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