I love plantain.  Not banana plantain, but Great Plantain, the stuff that grows all over fields and yards (like mine) that aren’t quite all grass.  It has medicinal properties and I’ve even transplanted a bunch of them from my yard into my garden into a pretty row.  I don’t have a photo right now but check out this photo below from here
I’ve always loved herbs & plants and spent a lot of time when I was younger researching the medicinal properties of plants, fruits, etc.  I collected volumes of books (before the internet was big) on the subject and used to go hunting for the herbs and would make herbal teas & concoctions.  My friends would make fun of me and I totally creeped them out with my weirdness.  One of the best herbs around that’s readily accessible is plantain.  A puree of it is great for cuts and scrapes and even zits. (!!)  I wish I could say I’m past them, but I’m not.       So, first you pick a couple of the leaves:
Next, wet the leaves and make a puree of them (I like to do it with a chef knife…  my dad made the one above and it’s the best!!)  Below is the yummy-looking mixture ready to be applied:
hahaha okay and I seriously can’t believe I’m sharing this picture with you….   but then you apply it to any trouble areas and just use scotch tape or a band-aid to keep it on your skin for 15-20 minutes.
{Please forget you ever saw this}
hahaha ok, but I’m serious when I tell you that it really works.  If you don’t mind looking like a fool, then this stuff is the best.  (And it also gives the whole family someone to make fun of.)
Have an awesome weekend!!

xoxo, Lauren