We had a fun little homemade pizza/flatbread night last night and I thought I’d share!  The grocery store was out of flat bead so we used whole wheat pita pickets instead.


We kind of made a mess cutting pitas but fun was had by all.  Ah vell!  I’m sure you’ve probably made these or something super similar before but I have an addiction to photographing, recording and sharing things so here’s the RECIPE for what we did: 🙂

-Heat oven to 420

-Use a pairing knife to separate the pita pockets into halves

-Lay the halves face up on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil and load with mozzarella cheese

-Go to town with toppings. We used heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, shiitake, garlic, and onions in various combinations.

-Heavily salt and pepper and add garlic powder.

-Pop in the oven for approximately 10 minutes.  ( then turn up the music and DANCE for 10 minutes while you wait.)

-Pull out and add on your gourmet “FLAIR.”  We drizzled different flatbreads with various combinations of white truffle oil, lavender salt, rosemary hydrosol, garden sage hydrosol, and lemon thyme hydrosol (all from our shop made by my good friends at Starbright Farm.) We served it all with a side of homemade pesto (Christian made it!)


To watch our recipe video click HERE


kitchen dance party


our toppings
mm mm hot cheesy goodness & heirloom ‘maters form the garden


those shiitakes were crazy good!! Little bits of pesto drizzled on top


Below is a quick roundup of all of the things available at our new shop!!  Hope you get a little time to cook and dance with your loved ones sometime soon! xo


1 cutting board  \\  2 rosemary hydrosol \\   3 lavender salt   \\  4 lemon thyme hydrosol   \\  5 sage hydrosol \\  6 blouse  \\   7 boot cut jeans  \\ 8 black herb grinder   \\    9 hand-poured “potager” soy candle    \\   10 wire egg basket  \\