Well, my new computer’s not working & it won’t let me get online so that’s why I’ve been so MIA. We’re going to return the computer & try for a new one tomorrow.


In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some pics from Better Homes & Gardens (they really are getting to be great, aren’t they?!!!) The image above shows a lot of what I’m craving: pattern. And I’m usually not into it on drapes, but I have to say this is just the look I’m going for in a client’s home right now (existing completely-solid furniture staying) and am considering for our bedroom. Below is the living room and I’m loving the vintage map! Again, I’m loving the energy & freshness in this space… in particular the little blue stool with the yelllow-patterned chair.


Below is another room in the same house, and how fun are the drapes?


Here’s a beautiful shot, below. I love all the energy & how time-gathered the space feels.



The homeowner used vintage scarves as curtain tie-backs. What a fun idea!! (And would also be a great way to add seasonal changes in a neutral room!)

Below, I love displaying flowers like this at home. It’s so easy & interesting.

Below is some vintage jewelry of the homeowner’s. Displaying jewelry is another thing I love to do. (Half the time I forget to even put it on so why not have it make the room look good?!! 😉


Below is from a different house (also BHG) and I really love how the owners displayed these paint-by-numbers ship paintings. Alone, they’re kitsch, but grouped together like this, they make a big (beautiful!!) impact.

And one last final image of something that’s on my mind: blue!! I LOVE this group of vintage blue glassware (below) and how gorgeous it looks against the blue in the vintage map of Cape Cod. I’ll be using this color in our bedroom & I can’t wait to share my plans/ pics with you!!

So, wish me luck that the new computer is able to get online!!! (I am techonology-cursed so I really need it!! 😉 Also, thank you guys so much for all your sweet. supportive comments about the house!!







oh, and what happens when you try to bake a cake and build a fence at the same time?? you don’t hear the timer from outside & you leave the cake in too long and when you try to get it out still hot from the pan to keep it from burning more, it breaks into pieces. And then you try to “glue” it back together with icing between the cracks and it’s actually pretty good, but looks like crap!!! 😉 😉