Here’s our house when we moved in this past Spring:
And here it is from the street now:  (Yesterday was a Snow Day!)
We had fun painting the door orange & left it that way thanks to many of you saying you liked it.  We also added a huge trellis on the front with jasmine vines and also few shrubs(all we could afford until next season).  Dave painted the cedar siding a dark warm gray:


… But didn’t quite get to the sides or the back of the house before Winter hit:
Just keepin’ it real. 
My neighbors must think there’s something wrong with us.  😉


Door color: Behr’s ‘Maple Leaf’ (#250D-6)

Siding Color: Ralph Lauren ‘Master Room” done in Behr exterior flat paint
Trim Color: Behr’s ‘Cotton Whisper’ (#W-F-300)