This weekend was so nice.  We got so much relaxing (& eating!) in and even a few random things ticked off of our “To do” list.  One of them was hanging the vintage shaving mirror I got my husband for Christmas.  (Yeah, I think he really loved it, considering it took until now for us to get around to hanging it 😉

Our master bathroom is pretty terrible.  I have a green fiberglass shower, linoleum floors and the shower/ toilet area is separate from the vanity area (surrounded in Hollywood style vanity lights- aaahhhh) which makes the small space feel even smaller.  I hide the green shower with a shower curtain that goes up to the ceiling and have simple shower hooks up for our plain white towels.  (The one pro is the all natural light it gets.)  The view into the bathroom makes a great focal point out of the toilet.   arg.


We have plans to redo it eventually, but it’s not high up on our priority list.

BUT.. sometimes the little things make even bad rooms a bit more bearable.


I decided after installing the mirror that if we just ignore everything but the shaving mirror, the bathroom is perfect!

xoxo, Lauren

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