Tonight is THE NIGHT our TV show BEST HOUSE ON THE BLOCK premieres on DIY Network!!!Ā  I kind of can’t believe it’s here but it is!! (Let’s count how many exclamation points I can put into a single post šŸ˜‰

{sneakity peek of a bathroom from one of tonight’s episodes | Photo by Matthew Dandy }



Thursday, November 8 with (2!!) back-to-back episodes on DIY Network! (HGTV Airdates for next year to come!) at 11 & 11:30 EST| 10 & 10:30 C | 9& 9:30 MTN | 8& 8:30 &11&11:30 PST with the rest of the season airing times TBD.

(I think they’re waiting to see how the premiere does to decide where to put it, so the more people watch, the better of a spot we’ll get for next week!!)

The airtime is super late for East-Coasters but I’m going to be drinking some coffee, having a pajama party (with myself and Dave lol) and staying up late to watch!!Ā  For those of you DVR’ing, we’ve heard that the show has to be watched within 3 days for it to “count” for ratings so plan on it!!

We can’t thank you enough for the kind messages and support!!

I’m off to an install today for longtime clients & will be posting away on Instagram!