The love I have for our kitchen garden is no secret.

When we were in the midst of planning our garden this Spring, I had no idea just how much I would love having a vegetable garden off of my kitchen.  After a couple of years of trying unsuccessfully for a kitchen garden at our old house (year 1- deer ate the whole thing, year 2- planted in a new spot we found out that there were termite chemicals in the ground so we couldn’t eat all of the beautiful veggies that the garden produced) we worked with my friend, Danylo Kosovych, my good friend and owner of Organic Edible Gardens, to create a massive kitchen garden at our new (old) house.  It was important to me that we had a garden we would actually enjoy being in and walking through and it’s one of my favorite places to be at home now:


The amount of vegetables we’re pulling out of this thing on a daily basis is insane.  When I posted a photo in instagram of one of our massive evening hauls form the garden, I got lots of wonderful recommendations on what to do with them.  Tessa of nine + sixteen mentioned Ina Garten’s Scalopped Tomato Recipe and I was sold.

I tried it last night with a few variations (simply because I didn’t have the exact same ingredients) and here’s a photo:

We ate the dish as our main course with a small side of bolognaise I’d made over the weekend and a parmesan arugula salad and were in total Heaven.  The boys gobbled it up, even little Lou!!

If you’re looking for something easy & delicious, you’ve got to try it Check out Ina’s recipe here!  (I went with whole wheat random bread we had, and added some Italian parsley and arugula on top.)

I have SO many more tomatoes– anyone else have any good recipes???