I joined Jura Koncious and the Washington Post in a Live Q&A Chat at 11 AM Eastern this morning and it was so much fun! To see the Q&A go here.

And… today is David’s & my 10 year anniversary. I’m not really going to try to put into words how I feel about him or our past ten years together
but did want to share a story and this photo taken of us by a friend at our wedding rehearsal. We were  listening to  my cousin, Laura –
who has the most incredibly beautiful & rich voice- sing (Acapella) “I will be here” by Stephen Curtis Chapman.

{“I will be here… When you feel like being quiet; when you need to speak your mind I will listen… When the laughter turns to crying and through winning
losing & trying, we’ll be together.}

So I’m laughing now looking at this because I know I look like I’m about to bawl, but in that moment I could feel our strength somehow.  More
than anything, I felt like we were ready to go through whatever came our way together, and that we would share a life, a family, worry, heart ache
and all of the things I don’t even like to think about, and be okay if we just had each other.

I remember the English class we met in during college and how at the end of the semester this huge “journal” type project was due and we were both incredibly
behind on it because we’d slacked all semester long, and had only one night to finish. We wrote furiously side by side, reading, editing, and writing
essays and short stories like it was our job. Late at night, when all of my work was lost when a computer at the computer lab crashed, he helped me
keep it together. When the lab had closed sometime in the wee hours of the morning and we switched to my apartment, he nudged me awake as I nodded
off on my journal. When I woke up after one of these naps to daylight, drooly and almost finished with the project, there was a sausage egg and cheese
biscuit waiting for me with a note. It gave me what I needed to keep going, to write just one more short story..

A lot of people ask me where I get my energy or how I “do it all”… And while I believe I do pretty much what everyone does, the answer is him.

To the past ten years and  however many more we’ve got coming- cheers!


EDITED TO ADD: I’m awkward, what can I say? (that last line didn’t quite come out right  lol)