Hi & I hope you’re doing okay in this “new normal” of ours.  I know many of you aren’t on Instagram, and because we’re all stuck at home, I thought I’d start sharing posts from my Instagram -where I post almost every day- in an attempt to stay more connected and maybe entertain you a little during this tough time.  To be honest, these first posts I’m about to share with you aren’t really so much about “entertainment” as much as they’re just my thoughts but I’d like to be able to share the lighter side of things in the coming months so stay tuned.  🙂

Here’s my most recent post:

“Feeling so sad for what the world is going through right now… 🖤 the pain of loss of loved ones and for those having to see it on a daily basis and who will live with it forever.  I’m also blown away by the beauty of the human spirit and how we so instinctively prop each other up and spread love in times of crisis.  It’s been such a shift of the vitriol that seems like it’s been perpetuating for the last few years.  Random people are Venmo’ing money to others they don’t even know who need help, healthcare workers and those working at the grocery store are true heroes keeping society in place, employers paying employees even though the dollars have stopped coming in, people showing “I love you” to their elderly family members and friends they can’t safely see in beautiful and creative ways, and the simple act of people refraining from things or activities that really matter to them because they care about those most at risk. If you need a reminder of our resilience and a celebration of the human connection, check out @upworthy … Instagram accounts like this one help me stay positive and make me think about how I can help others rather than worry.  When Dave and I got married, the priest said to us that if we always worried about our partner more than ourselves and focused on their happiness instead of our own, we would always be happy together and I’ve found it to be so true and to apply to treatment of others in general.  If we all worry about each other’s safety and needs more than our own comfort and convenience, we can stop this thing sooner and save lives.  Sending you so many hugs and be safe. 🖤


And here’s a beautiful note I reposted the other day that’s been going around:


I promise not every post of mine will be about coronavirus… It’s just that right now I’m feeling really sad for what people are going through and my heart is just aching.

On the upside, I do love having my kids home and getting to be with them more.  Deadlines at work are still there and I’m attempting to plow through as much of it as possible to be able to spend some of this time with them.  Along with regular projects- which we’ll now have to present digitally- We’re in the midst of finishing up another flip property (fingers so crossed for us here!!  Our first property is under contract right now so at least there’s that.) and I’m working on the design plans for the 2020 Southern Living Idea House not knowing what exactly will happen there.  It was set for an opening party in June but of course everything is now up in the air.  High Point Market was cancelled but Woodbridge & Taylor King- where my collections are- are planning to do a “virtual” market instead with a video tour of the showrooms and all of our new product so I’ll be sure to share those with you.  Retailers are having to temporarily close and, like everyone, we’re just trying to weather this storm. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you as you navigate your work and home lives.  We’re going to get through this.