So, I always have this struggle within me when doing my own home: Do I want minimal or do I want that “curiosity shop” feeling?? I’m hoping writing this post & checking out some pics will help me get to a decision. The minimal I’m talking about isn’t necessarily modern, but an open, airy look.

And the “collected”/ Alice & Wonderland look I’m thinking of is more like this fun, quirky space(Domino):

What got me thinking on this was that an anon left me a comment yesterday saying she/ he didn’t like my bookshelf and that this “cluttered” look was exactly what homeowners were trying to avoid. (ouch! 😉 But I have to say sometimes I WANT that cozy, collected, crazy-layered feeling in a space… (my bookshelf below)

But I think an entire room like this would drive me crazy… I like that the “clutter” is contained in 1 area… I do redo my accessories all the time but since Baby 2 is on the way, I know the way I do the house right now will determine how it’s going to look for about another 10+ months or so… (3 months till baby comes & then I know I won’t have any time for much major reaccessorizing for about 6 months.) I’m hoping there’s someway I can get both feelings in my house & am going to attempt it. Love this warm, collected space nate Berkus did:



But I just really do I love them both. I think that in the Fall, & Winter, I’m more drawn to the warmer feeling of the heavily layered, collected quirky spaces , and in the warmer months, I’m in the mood for open & minimal. (like this Nate Berkus room below)


The “collected” rooms have this great sense of age to me… and are a bit more English in feeling like this room by Celerie Kemble. They always make me want to lay down & read a book…

I love being in a room full of interesting things where your curious eye gets to keep going & going… The pieces are smaller & there’s more going on…

My grandparents’ house is like this & there’s always been so much to look at and take in. I’ve always loved this wall of family photographs that my grandmother did. It’s hard to tell but there is a soft creamy-beigey damask wallpaper behind the photos:

But then how simple & understated is this??? (Nate Berkus) Just so relaxing & calming…

Our bedroom is a sea of white & texture… The only other colors besides white are wood & metal tones. And I love it in there because there’s no thinking… just relaxing & rest for the eye. And the view outside is paramount:

I guess when pointing out these spaces it make me realize that I really just need to dig & figure out how I want to feel in a certain room. The room I’m debating right now is my living room. And I think the problem is, I want to feel BOTH ways!!! hahahah argggg I love the sculptural simplicity & natural-feeling of Nina Griscom’s home (below). The base of my living room is similar to this in feeling…

And also this: (minus the AMAZING chairs!!! 🙂


But it’s starting to get a little brisk outside & I’m craving some STUFF!!!! On my walls, on my shelves, on my sofa!!! A soft throw to curl up with on every spot in the house!!! I can very easilly handle the throw blankets, pillows & shelves (I’ve already got my cozy bookshelf in there – ready for a fire & reading!!!! oh wait… my fireplace is fake!!! haha oh well, i can pretend.) but it’s the WALLS I really need to figure out right now… With the sleep-deprived blur that I know is on its way, I will need to keep my artwork in one place for a while. In my living room, I’ve got windows all along one whole wall…

And I did my huge blow up of an etching on the blank wall in the dining room (below) …. Both of those are very clean, airy, large-scaled & simple.


So it’s up to that last wall… the wall the mantle is on… (pic taken when we first moved in… now we have HW floors and an area rug, totally different furniture, lighting, chairs on the way… so there’s a lot more going on…) But with THAT WALL- what to do -what to do?


How do I want it to feel?!!! Do I want a jumble of paintings & prints & interesting things I’ve collected over the years? Or do I want simple, clean? maybe a mirror with sconces and a few balanced drawings? So far the only thing with the “curiosity” feeling I love is my bookshelf. I can easily do clean & simple on my tabletops or mantle and switch them out with a full hodge-podge of personal finds, but I need to make a decision on this mantle wall!! I know nothing is permanent (and how crazy this sounds) but 10+ months sounds like a long time to me!!! I just need to think on the feeling I want in there… for now 😉 Any thoughts?


How about you? Do you struggle with this? Alek of From the Right Bank to the Left Coast just did a post posing this question & showing her inspiration from both sides… I’d love to hear!!



and also- about negative comments. I got my first one yesterday and it stung! (it was -I think -as politely put as the commenter could have said it & don’t think she/ he was trying to be hurtful at all.) And I do I know that when we create blogs we’re really putting ourselves out there, but I do consider you all friends and feel really comfortable posting here… What I write here is as much for me as for you… This isn’t a hard-core interior design blog. It’s like an inspiration journal where I work things out & get creative & share what I’m going through with those who want to join in.

And I really put myself out on a limb when posting photos from my home. From now on, I’d really appreciate that instead of leaving negative comments, people just refrain from saying anything at all. (And I’m not talking about design debates, point of views, etc… We can ALWAYS disagree or share different point of views- I had a lot of fun with the last debate.) I know how sensitive this sounds but I just don’t want negativity in this space of mine that I share with you all. I post unfinished spaces & work in progress and small DIY projects and if I feel like everything has to be perfect on here, then it really stifles my creativity & willingness to share what I’m doing on my home on here. When I’m in a design magazine and my work is published for a all to critque, I can take it, but THIS is my happy spot. 😉 😉 (hahaha I WISH!!!) Anyway, thanks so much & I really do hope you can understand!!!