I KNOW how scary this place looks right now… and I need help!!


We finally got the contract back signed today and are scheduled to close in a month if all inspections go well. (!!!! craziness!!!) 🙂


If anyone has ideas for me on the front of this house, I’d LOVE them. (please! please!!) Here are some details: the siding is vertical cedar, the window screens/ storms you see in the top windows are dark brown vinyl. (I’m not very happy with that but know we won’t have it in our budget to get new ones.– is painting an option??) The cable cord you see will be going. yuck.


The windows themselves are aluminum & I actually like them.

We’ll be painting (haven’t decided upon colors yet so I’m up for suggestions) and I’m thinking about pulling out a dark rich gray from the stones and going white with the trim. (Now, you KNOW how much I want a white house- but do you think that would be totally weird with the stone??) My husband is planning on adding a pergola along the front right side sort of as a porch but with a patio underfoot. Basically like what you see below (similar color too! 🙂 but extending along the whole front right side of the house:
Kind of like this (below) but in all-white:

Eventually I’d like to add some more Craftsman elements to it and it would definitely need some more rooflines but that is SOOOOOO far in the future it’s not even funny. (And a tin roof!!)

Anyway, we’re SO excited but I’m staying a but grounded because things have been so strange with this whole deal and I won’t be able to totally relax about it until we close. I know how talented & creative you all are & I’m really in need of your ideas so please send them on!!!!