Welcome to the new Pure Style Home!!  Thanks SO MUCH for moving with me and I’m really excited for you to check everything out over here 🙂  Everything’s now in 1 place (Thanks to super talented Emily Thompson of Indie Shopography who created this site) and you can view old blog posts, our textiles shop and our professional portfolio all on 1 website.  I’ll still be blogging as usual, just here now.  🙂

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Anyway, I’m pretty sure it was an actual blog post you came over here for, so here’s my first post on the new Pure Style Home:

Last week -photographing our house- was pretty a tad insane at our place.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with how the photos turned out though, and am so thankful to our photographer, Helen Norman & her assistant Dan Stack and our stylist, Susan Victoria for making our house shine.

{A very decorator-y picture of me in our little studio! 😉  by Helen Norman }

 We’ve been here almost a year and our goal the entire time has been to get’er done and we finally did!!  A MASSIVE weight has been lifted off of both Dave & my shoulders.  It feels like a small chapter in our lives closed.  We absolutely loved putting this home together and were so excited about it that living through the construction wasn’t really that bad, but the past few weeks have been pretty tough on us.  So many things had to fall into place in order for this shoot to happen.  As things were delayed, plants wilted and bag worms ate the tree in our garden, I fretted & worried and the boys missed us while worked late and drained our patience levels with all-nighters.  Photos of our work is extremely important to our business because our portfolio & body of work is what helps us attract new clients.  But needless to say, I am SO glad  be past the shoot.

I’m in the process of putting the images together to send to a shelter magazine so I need some serious good vibes sent my way.  I’m pretty anxious about it but I feel good because I simply love living in my house.  No matter what happens with our photos and or where we share them, I’m just happy to live here.

{The Sound in Corolla North Carolina…  can’t wait to visit in a couple of weeks!!}

So, welcome to the new Pure Style Home and I hope you like it!!  I’ll keep you posted on what’s up with our photos of our place.  (I’m guessing it will be a little while before I know anything but you will be the first to know!!)

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