Every year we have a crazy adult (if you can call us “adults”) Halloween party with a theme. We usually start at our house & then get a limo out into Georgetown where the streets are mobbed with costumed-people. I just LOVE IT!!!! (This year, being pregnant, I just wasn’t up for the crazy night out, so we had a fun kiddie one instead.) But, I thought I’d share with you one of our past themes: advertising mascots. The first one up is the Sunmaid Raisin Girl:


The box of raisins inspired the whole party. I’ve always thought my friend Lindsey looks like the Sunmaid Raisin girl & would always suggest she dress up as her for Halloween. Then, I thought of all the other advertising logos & how my other friends could dress up as them. Here’s Lindsey, aka “The Sunmaid Raisin” girl in her costume I made from Goodwill finds. (The bonnet is the sleeve of a red button-down shirt and her corsette is from a suit.)

And next is Chiquita Banana:Marcela’s costume is AMAZING. She paper mache’d the basket on her head & meticulously glued all the fruit down. She was such a trooper & it stayed on all night!!!! I made her dress out of cheap t-shirts from Michael’s:

And here’s our Chiquita’s husband, Juan Valdez:

Billy, AKA “Juan Valdez” actually made his entrance to the party by knocking on the window and handing in a cup of coffee… It was perfect!!! The mustache got a bit crooked as the night went on & Billy is just hysterical:

And who can forget the Land O Lakes Butter Girl?
Mo was adorable!!!

And even though she’s underage, we decided to let the Morton salt Girl join the party.
Erin was perfect! Check out that little mary-jane-clad foot kicked up just like the real Morton Salt Girl:
And we can’t have a party without the beer! (ok, we totally can, but let’s just pretend! 😉

Here I am as the St.Paulie Girl with a costume made from Goodwill finds:
(I’d originally tried making a “Chicken of the Sea” costume but it was just way too hard to walk around in!) And of course my husband, Sam Adams, was there to help host:

Here he is posing with his friend The Quaker Oats Guy (married to the Morton Salt Girl- what an age gap!! shocking!! ;):
There were a few more gusts I don’t have pictures of .. argggg.. Anyway, we’ve had lots more of these crazy parties & I’ll share some more next year. I can’t tell you enough how much fun I have on Halloween. We usually start planning in September and my best friends & their husbands come in from out of state. Everyone stresses like crazy about not “having a costume” and in the end they always look awesome. I’m so lucky to have friends who will go along with my silly plans & I love them for it.
ps- the hanging scarecrow wasn’t visible at night so no one noticed it (phew! 😉 and the kids loved the ghost & taking pictures with him.