According to , “The pedestal table was originally designed for smaller rooms and to give an air of status. They were popular because of their functionality and almost all homes had one in some form. Just like today, they could be put to use in an elegant dining room or as a gaming table for friends and family to gather around.” (table above by Identity Craft and image below from flicker)

“Pedestal bases have ranged from single columns to fanciful, ornately scrolled, indulgences. Each designer and style seemed to create its own signature of pedestal base. Their commonality is a single leg or central supporting column or pillar, attached under the center of the table top.”

“King Arthur was famed for his round table, giving equality to all since it did not host the traditional head of the table that rectangular dining room tables did. Since the focal point of a pedestal draws your eye to the center the tops of pedestal tables have traditionally been visually pleasing.”
I’ve always wanted a round pedestal dining table. (I’ve also wanted wanted a huge trestle table with a bench for a while but you work with the space you have.) My dining room is awkwardly shaped. It looks large & square when viewing it from the living room, but it’s actually rectangular and very narrow when you center a table under the chandelier.
I fell in love with LOTS of tables but due to my size issues, there weren’t many tables available in the under typical 5 foot diameter size. I did find one that was more than I would have liked to have spent (I really don’t like to spend over $200- $500 on anything, I’ll be honest, although I know that can be ridiculous.) and I thought I’d share with you some of the inspiration pictures I collected along the way… The image below is from Nina Griscom’s home and it’s still one of my FAVORITE houses out there. Each piece in the space seems to be its own sculpture or work of art. One of the reasons I wanted a round pedestal table so badly is because I think they have the most beautiful silhouettes. This table is exactly what I was searching for… (but with a leaf)

Just check out this gorgeous silhouette (House Beautiful) below:

And here’s a close-up of the same room. I’mlLoving the lantern over the table below and the pedestal table is a bit more ornate…

Here’s a strong pedestal, the “Avignon Table” from Horchow. I love these too for larger spaces…

And below is a similar Sears version for around $300. (Not bad at all for the look!!)The pedestal table below has a more transitional style and even though nothing’s really going on with the walls, it’s okay because the table’s just such a perfect focal point.
Below is the Wakefield Pedestal Table by Nochols & featured in Hosue Beautiful:

And I had to slip this white beauty from Country Living in (below). I just LOVE this dining room.

One of my favorite sources is Martha Stewart Furniture for Bernhardt. I am crazy over their pedestal tables but unfortunatly they were all too big fo rmy dining room. Below is the Grand Lake Pedestal Table and I just LOVE it!!! It has perfect lines in my opinion. Another reason we wanted a pedestal is because we’re mostly going to be using our dining are as a reading/ project spot. My husband & I both have a bunch of books going at once & since we love how a pile of books looks, we figured this would be the perfect space to be able to keep our mess out on. (Of course I’ll make it a pretty mess and below is what I’m thinking.– Martha’s Grand Lake Pedestal Table again)
And here is is again (below)… it’s just begging to be covered in books!!!
Below is the Lyell Pedestal Tbale also by Martha Stewart and it would look beautiful with some Midcentury chairs:

And here’s the Dunmere Pedestal table by martha Stewart. I’m crazy over its lines too!!!
Love it paired with these aqua-clad chairs below:

Here’s a black oak pedestal table from Country Living and I’m loving this room too. Paring it with the vintage metal chairs is such a perfect yet unexpected touch:

Below, House Beautiful with pedestal table from Mecox Gardens… Love the drum shade over it!
Below is another House Beautifulspace, done by Albert Hadley. It’s used as a beautiful library table:
nd below is a very similar dining table (Country Living) in a dining room. I’m CRAZY pver this room and also remember seeing it on Cote de Texas. (The lantern?!! window seat in the background?!! It’s just so light & airy & I love what that strong dark & handsome table does in there!!! 🙂
Below is a room featured in House Beautiful and (shockingly for House Beautiful!) they used a table from Pottery Barn! I’m loving it.

And, finally, one more look at my dream table….
And here’s the one that arrived at my house yesterday from Pottery Barn. It is the perfect size and comes with a leaf for bigger dinners!! Like I said it was more than I wanted to spend (that just shows you where the budget’s at— when PB is too high-end!!! 🙂 but it really is exactly what we were looking for…

We’re so happy with it & I just love what it does for the dining room!!! It really amped it up a notch in there & works perfectly with my velvet sofa. I’m sorry for not posting pics yet– they are coming SO soon I promise. I’m waiting on a hardwood floor install (happening this weekend by super-busy husband) and a rug to arrive because I want you to see it once it’s all done.