I wanted to share with you a Thanksgiving Table centerpiece & Post I did last year at my mom’s house. (11/25/08!) I’d just started blogging and I had so much fun setting a pretend table.. How odd it seemed at the time but now it seems totally normal!! Just ignore the lack of silverware & napkins for my imaginary guests! 😉


The items used are all flea-market finds from a trip I recently took to Strasburg, Virginia. I started with a simple oat-colored linen runner and put the large white pillar candle holder in the center. (Only $2!)

Then I layered ouwards symmetrically with the pair of smaller milk glass urns & topped them off with pumpkins ($10 for the pair!)

I tucked in a second, larger milk glass urn with a squash in it to informally balance the small milk glass candleholder on the opposite side. (When dealing with thrift-store flea market finds, since it’s often hard to come by pairs, you get to have a lot of fun with mismatched pairs & informal balance.)

At the end of the arrangement, I used 2 busts of a little boy and girl. I debated over buying them & am now so glad I went for them. At only $8 for the pair and now seeing how quirky they look on the table, I don’t know why I wasn’t crazy over them from the beginning! (I love weird little objects 🙂

And finally, I added this little tree made out of amber that my mom & stepdad found on a trip to Lithuania. It’s like a little gemstone bouquet. It looks good no matter where you put it.

I think my mom’s wedding china looks perfect with such a simple arrangement. The room’s crewel draperies, stained-glass window & bold-patterned rug made me want to do a really simple table setting.

Here’s a close-up of the large urn with the squash in it. I thought it was a pretty picture. 🙂

Here you can see my mom’s cabinet full of crystal. It’s got some beautiful pieces given to her by my grandfather & also an amazing vintage cut crystal collection handed down to her from my stepdad’s family. She’s never had it displayed before & recently purchased the cabinet & was finally able to enjoy it!

Anyway, I’m off to pack for our trip to visit my dad for Thanksgiving! If I’m able to, I’ll post some pictures of our table there! (His kitchen is finally in & I cannot wait to see it!!!)
Here’s one last picture & have a very happy & beautiful Thanksgiving!!! Keep it simple & have fun!! xoxo


Hope you enjoyed the little trip down memory lane! Thanksgiving will be at my mom’s house this year & I’m already getting excited for my grandmother’s homemade noodles!!! mmmm mmm mm!!!