I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!  We had a full house with family coming in from all over.  To fit everyone, we set three tables and  I thought I’d share a little peek at one of our “temporary” tables (a folding table) since we can’t share our house just yet.  (More on that soon! 😉

Lou, now a year-and-a-half, is in a pretty stubborn little stage.  He LOVES to sit at tables in a regular chair… and by “loves to sit in a regular chair” I mean “typically freaks out when we put him in the high chair.”  (It’s awesome… Not at all.)  But, he’s pleased as punch in this photo to be sitting at the table like the big boys:


We set our dining room table, along with a pair of tables in our kitchen.  I don’t have matching linens for that many, so I used kantha quilts as tablecloths in shades of orange and red.  The other table looked like this one.  I pulled the old Church pew from a hallway in our house up to the table for the kids and then used wooden folding chairs.   I mixed in my vintage Camellia plates and used larger plates as chargers underneath.



I warmed up the table with brass and gold accents, including a pair of brass & Lucite candlesticks, some serving ware I found a while back, and a set of etched cocktail glasses.  We sat down just before it got dark and ate by candlelight.  (Which I only realized as it got completely dark.)  I haven’t don’t that in a while and have a date with the boys for another candlelit dinner later this week.


This year, our family talked about what we’re most thankful for, and for me, it’s my family’s health and safety.  There is so much tragedy and sadness on the planet, and on a daily basis people are starving, hurt and killed.  I’m really grateful that my family has remained largely untouched by personal tragedy, and want to do more to help those whose lives are affected by it.  True grief over the loss of a loved one is something I’ve really only felt when my cousin, Patrick (father to three little ones) died and when some very close friends of mine have lost loved ones, and I can’t imagine the pain of losing someone in my immediate family.  So, I’m grateful every time we all arrive home safely and for every healthy day.

Anyway, I’m off for the day to start our final countdown week before our store opens…  crazy.   If you’re in the area, we’d love for you to stop by one of our open house parties, on Saturday, Decemeber 7th & 14th.  Details here.


Wish me luck to getting it all done in time!!