I just wanted to send a little shout-out (oh wow, did I really just say “shout-out??” ) to my mom & my grandmother.  They (“Gramma Donna” and “Gramma Cracker”) come over once a week every week to watch our boys.  They bring all sorts of toys & games & activities with them and the kids loooove their grammas.  I work in the office while they play & unfortunately, I don’t really get a chance to be with them at all.  But today, when they left, I found this pretty little surprise on the table:


{Hydrangea from the garden; ignore the kid dinner in background}
I’m not sure which of them did it, but I love it.  Especially they way the leaves were wrapped around the stems.  Go Grandmother! (I think it was you who did the leaf thing.)
I know I don’t get nearly enough time with either of you or get to say it much, but if you’re reading this, thank you for all that you do and I love you.
Summer is almost really here and we’ve been crazy-busy with some exciting new projects at work.  Meghan, my design assistant, has been amazing & just turned 23 yesterday!!  (Happy Birthday Megs!!)  And my best friend, Frammy, just turned 29 this week too!!  (Happy birthday Cheese if you’re reading!! I love you!!)
Also, thanks so much to Linda Merrill for the mention in her online magazine, which you can read here:
And finally, thank YOU so much for reading.
I truly appreciate it and I look forward coming here because of you.

xoxo, Lauren

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