Yesterday morning I woke up to an email in my inbox from my friend Michele of My Notting Hill informing me that she’d hosted a “virtual baby shower!” She gathered a group of special blogger friends (I have more who weren’t able to attend of course! 😉 and they all picked out “virtual gifts” for “Baby Pure Style” (as some wrote- cracking me up!) & explained why they were giving them. Christian & I read the post in bed & it was so much fun! It was such an awesome surprise & I’m truly touched by everyone’s thoughtfulness. Thank you so much Michele & everyone for joining her!! (I also started immediately following links to shop & can’t wait to get the baby owl onesie from Michele, below. There are so many more things I’m thinking of getting too- it’s amazing how well they nailed me- I loved everything!)


Jonie from Cote de Texas also wrote a very sweet (so complimentary she made me blush!) and hysterical baby shower post to join in the party. She “gave” me a new set of beakers for the baby’s room so I don’t have to steal the baby’s beakers for photo shoots!!! hahahaha (The even funnier part is that I would love more beakers!! )



And here’s the photo (below) of Betsy Brown’s entry demilune that first sparked my beaker-love a couple of years ago:


I just feel so lucky to have met such amazing friends over this past year. I didn’t even know what blogging was before I started & now I just can’t imagine what it would be like without knowing all of you. Thanks so much for making me feel so special & for all the sweet comments. You all are the best & I’m just so thankful to have you.

I’ll keep you posted on baby news- just a couple of weeks left!! And we’ll be cranking out the projects until then!!



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