I hope you’re having a great week!  I just got back from a long weekend in Lake Gaston with the family and it is feeling like SUMMER!!!  We haven’t
all been away together since last summer and it was amazing to just relax and be outside, swimming, boating & fishing together.  The water’s
already warming up!!!  I loved waking up at the lake and swinging with the baby on the deck swings…


The stair railing from the deck down to the back yard is covered in climbing jasmine and it smelled soooooo good.  Later in the summer there is a
massive grouping of gardenia bushes that bloom nearby, so it feels like something’s always popping up & making the air smell like Heaven.
Even the rainier days were nice because it was quiet and we had nowhere to be.


The boys made themselves right at home in the guest bedroom…


…eating popcorn & watching movies.  (I definitely had kernels on me while I slept later that night. mmmm awesome.)

I love going back to the lake because almost everything is as we left it…

…with the exception of the cobwebs & dust!!  My first priority (for sure over cleaning) is usually hacking apart a few plants outside and bringing
them inside to freshen up the place and make it feel loved.  (The photo above of my dad’s bathroom is from another trip)

And finally, I’m so excited to share the Style Matters Podcast I did with
the truly warm & kind Zandra Zuraw and Karen June Grant of Little Yellow Couch with
you!!  We had such a fun chat about style, aesthetic, comfort, my book & textiles, and my moving tendencies 😉  To hear it, click