Hi!  Just wanted to send out a quick post to those who’ve asked about specific sources used in our house..


(Our entryway…  photo by helen Norman}

The Da Vinci book I used for the framed sketches in our entryway is Leonardo’s Notebooks and the frames are from americanframe.com and were a little over $20 each for custom sizing.  I think I used the “antique gold” metal frames.  The orange door is painted with Behr’s Maple Leaf.

Have a  great Saturday & thank you to those who responded to my post on plagiarism… I was able to contact the owner of the site with the contact info you provided & they took it down immediately.  {For those who didn’t see it, a blog had taken my blog posts & posted them as their own under the name “stylishliving”…  I called & they removed it.}  If you write a blog, try googling it and seeing what comes up in case someone has done this to you too.

And finally, I was surprised (kind of happily!) at the number of you who responded that you have similar children-dog-morning-issues.  Nice to know I’m in good company.  🙂

xoxo, Lauren

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