Sorry for the lack of posts – as you probably know, work’s always nutty right before the holidays!  I just wanted to drop in with a little recap of what we’ve been up to.

{our front door}

This year we got a bit further as far as outside Christmas decorating goes than last…  We got lights up outside, but Christian wasn’t happy with them because they’re not the “pretty” colored lights.

{image via}

I feel his pain… I remember thinking that way back when.  I could possibly be swayed to the colorful side…  There’s something wonderful about terrible Christmas decorations.  It’s definitely got to be better than the dying leyland cypresses I strung up with pretty white lights…  It’s a process.  (We planted them too close to our house so the roof overhang kept rain from getting them.. ehhhhhhh.)  Maybe next year we can have alive shrubs strung with lights.   I’m also kind of craving the big vintage colored lights my grandparents have on their house.

We got a second tree this year for our family room.  It’s artificial but I’m really into it because it’s flocked:

I’ll attempt to take better pics later!  Dave & I camped out in the family room this weekend because I love being near the tree so much.  I wish I had one in our bedroom too.
And, whenever we can squeeze it in, we’ve been playing Christmas music & dancing:
{I have really big hands}
In my area it’s 97.1 that plays nonstop Christmas music.  love it.  I think they probably stay in business just because of their month of Christmas music.

Delilah anyone???


xoxo, Lauren