For the first time in many many years, I’m trying my hand at starting seedlings indoors to transfer in the garden when it’s warm enough.  In the past I’ve failed miserably (I’m a pretty terrible/lazy/impatient gardener honestly) so I’m not sure how much hope I’ve got for the process but I’m giving it a go.

Gisele and Louie planting


Here’s another peek at the little “seedling station” in our dining room out of an old zinc table we had on our screened porch:


Louie & Gisele helped me plant for HOMEWORK this week… Lou was so excited and let me know that this was the first HOMEWORK he would be featured in lol.


They’ve been especially into watering,  with everyone under 12 in the house wanting to get their little paws on the mister.   Before everything happened with the virus, we were about to sign the lease on a little home-garden-and-kitchen shop in town and open up a store but we’ve had to press pause on everything.  Many of the products, however, had already arrived so we’ve been using them at home and have added a bunch of them to our new online shop, LAUREN LIESS & CO.   We’ve got even more products coming and I’ll keep you posted.  There won’t be a ton on there but it’s all things I actually use and love.

mister is on the right | watering can on left | our chalkboard garden markers are in the pots


I was waaaaaaay too excited when the plants started sprouting and I’m going to give this little indoor garden everything I’ve got!!

the tomatoes have sprouted!!

I love seeing the kids so into something so good and natural and slow.

I found Aurora in there the other night, misting away. She told me she was “making her house look pretty.”


Anyway, I’m off for the day but to watch this week’s HOMEWORK #20 “SEEDLINGS STATION” : CLICK HERE 

To watch past HOMEWORK episodes: CLICK HERE 

If you decide to join in, share your photos with #ididmyhomework on Instagram so everyone can see what you’ve been up to!

If you want to check out our new shop, CLICK HERE.  (All of these items are in the “garden” section)

Good luck and sending so much love to you all.