Hope you’re having a great week!! I can’t believe how quickly time is flying (I’m aware I say this a lot 😉 and that it’s already November!!  Most of the leaves are down around here and we’ve got visiting geese in the pond which I love. (We always told our geese their “Canadian cousins” were visiting.)

I posted a little peek from my new book yesterday on Instagram and I realize that a lot of the readers here don’t have Instagram so I thought I’d share it here too… This bedroom (below) is from a favorite project of mine that we worked on with Hutker Architects and Banks Development and I was honestly just blown away by the architecture of this home.  The first time I saw the plans I flipped and I wanted to share just a peek of it- the master bedroom:

photo by Helen Norman


Lots of people wondered on Instagram about the LIGHT and what sorts of light-blocking we used here…  Our clients decided to try living with it as-is (stationary curtains) and that would add hidden horizontal light-blocking shade panels if needed on the lower/straight portion of the window.  (They haven’t added the shades since living there.)  The bedroom overlooks the water and it truly feels like you’re in a treehouse.  It’s not a very large room at all, and the old oak is right outside the window and was the major factor when working on the palette for the room.  I went with soft naturals and greens and kept it calm and simple to let the views take center stage.

I’m off to work but here’s a fun video interview I did with Ellen Gefen from  thehome.com sharing a little bit about my furniture collections with Taylor King & Woodbridge and life: VIDEO HERE


We had lot of fun talking business & motherhood. 🙂

Have a good one!!



photo from my book by Helen Norman