Yesterday we had 4 of our scraggly pine trees removed.  When the guys were back there taking down the trees, they found this little cutie (above & below) with a hurt leg.  He wasn’t afraid of us at all, and right before animal control arrived, I snapped some glamour shots.  (We were pretty sure he was rabid but he was just sooooo adorable!!!)  Raccoons are almost like little wolf-monkeys.  We gave him some pizza and I think he got to enjoy his last hour or so of life- munching away and hanging on my neighbor’s step.  When the officer arrived, he confirmed he was rabid & could see that he was self-mutilating (that was the leg injury we had noticed.)  I had no idea rabid animals did that.  The officer said that this was Day 1 and that by Day 2 he would be more agressive & would continue to self-mutilate and that he had to shoot him.  (He attempted to catch him but couldn’tm so out came his .22)   It was pretty awful, but I’m just so thankful the tree guys found him before Christian or our pup did!
And for some more randomness, I’ve been playing with my lab beakers and my collection is growing:
I used some sprigs from that indestructible crazy bush that grows in the side of my house that I love so much.  And check out our 2 yr-old’s scooter on the back patio in the corner of the pic below…  it’s getting so warm!!!  wahoooooooooo
We’ve also been making good progress on the nursery.  (I say “good” because it feels like it’s been forever since we started.  We usually bang projects out in a weekend but we’re trying to focus more on life vs, blowing through projects.)   It’s painted and things are up on the walls and we’ve gotten all but 1 fabric finished.  Our last step is hanging some curtains & shelving.  Cannot wait to show you!!!  here’s Justin enjoying his owls:
So happy Friday & enjoy your weekend & get outside!!!  (How beautiful is this weather???!!!)  Come on Spring!!!