As I’ve mentioned many times, I love bringing in branches from outdoors.  I am absolutely crazy over forsythia (image source below- unknown):
I love bringing in the bright yellow blooms and they’re super-easy to force indoors.  (image below, House Beautiful)
SO, ’tis the season and I saw some for $14 each.  We picked up 2 that are about to bloom & popped them in the ground along the fence in our backyard:
I couldn’t resist the pansies either & they add a bit of cheer to our sad-looking yard:
Forsythia can also be grown from cuttings, so if you can, get your hands on a 3″-6″ branch and put it into moist soil.  Keep it most for a few weeks & it should begin to root quickly.   When the bushes get larger, they should be pruned soon after they flower.  (The guy at the garden center near my house said we should wait until next year to prune ours and he also said to keep the natural graceful shape (vs. “ball”-looking or hedge-shape we see so often)  cut them down low vs. cutting at the outer parts of the bush.

So, Project # 10 is to get your hands on a branchy bush or tree and plant one in your yard if you don’t have one already. 

Some of my favorites are: pussy willow, flowering quince and cherry blossoms, but check out my old post “Branch In” for some more ideas.  I’m so excited about the fact that I’ll have some beautiful blooms inside my house!  (And side benefit = gorgeous yellow bushes 😉  😉

Hope you had a great weekend!  The weather was perfection here in Northern Virgina!!  🙂  Come on Spring!!