So I had an idea for 2010.  As I mentioned before, this year we’re really going to focus on getting our house organized.  We’ve hit most of the major eyesores in our 70s split, but open up almost any closet or drawer, and you’ll see a mini trainwreck.  Not good.


In our old house,we tackled every nook & cranny and it seemed that as soon as we’d gotten everything perfect, we moved.  And I don’t want that to happen again.  SO this year, we’re going after our closets, our drawers, our fridge, our laundry room, our pantry- one space at a time-  And I’m inviting you to come along!

Each week we’re going to do a little job or tackle a project—  most of them are small EASY steps we can take to make our life more organized and run a bit more smoothly— and you’re welcome to join me.  It’s sort of my way of holding myself accountable.  If I tell you I’m going to do a little job each week, then I’ll do it.  So if you’re anything like me & want a friend to hold you accountable, join me!!  [image below from here]

Every Monday, I’ll list a new task or project we’re working on.  On the following Monday, when I list the new “to do” job, I’ll also show readers’ photos -THE PROOF!- of the completed project from the week before & ask for feedback from anyone who joined in.   (I’d love for you to send me photos of  your completed project & I’m even thinking of figuring out the Mr.Linky gadget for those of you with blogs who’d want to link up. )  (Some projects we’re doing are pretty to look at whereas others- as you’ll see- are more functional than pretty.  So maybe we’ll just do pics of the pretty ones??  I’m up for ideas! 🙂

Some of the things we tackle will be things you’ve aleady done & other things we do might not appeal or apply to you, but if any of the projects are ones you’re interested in, then join us! 🙂  I think it’ll be helpful & a lot more fun if we do this together!  (And to clarify:  in most cases I’m really not talking big projects.  I’m talking about those little jobs we’ve been putting off.  The things that make life easier &/or prettier but don’t take much effort. ) [image below from martha stewart.]

Now, for PROJECT #1:  Fill mason jars with paint for touch-ups, label them, and store them in the room where they’re needed with a small paint brush. 

Paint scratches, walls get scuffed, and it’s SO EASY to do touch-ups when the paint is accesible.  It only takes 5 minutes!  The big hassle is finding the paint & getting out the can & the brush and taking it to the right room.  Eliminate the hassle, and it’s really no big deal.  Today I did Project #1 and it only took 15 minutes- most of it spent cleaning out out old jelly from the jar.   I also attached the paint brush with a ribbon so it will always be with the paint.


I hope some of you will join me on a few of these projects, and just think how much more organized & beautiful our homes will be after 50 weeks of baby steps!

Anyone game???

ps-  Thank you SO much to Joni of Cote de Texas for including a renovation of ours in her post “The Top 10 Best Renovations of 2009“!!!  It was such an awesome surprise to be listed with such a talented group of bloggers!!  Check it out here.

UPDATE:  I’m getting some awesome pics from reader!! 🙂  Keep ’em coming!!