Over the holidays we did a little bit of work on our boys’ (Christian-4 and Justin-2) bedroom.  We moved Justin to his “big boy bed” and it’s been a bit less than smooth at nighttime.  He started climbing out of his crib a little while back & after whacking his head on the floor a couple of times, we knew it was time to switch him out of the crib to a bed.

{Putting together the new beds}

The boys’ room is teensy and we recently reduced the size of the closet so that we could fit two twin beds in the space.  We have no room for extras in here, and instead of dressers, both boys have drawers for clothes under their twin-sized trundle beds from Ikea:

The closet is directly to the left of where I was standing when I took the pic above and it used to take up more than half of the left wall.  You can see in this before pic that the chaise could just fit sideways in the nook:
The room feels so much bigger now and here’s a pic of how Justin’s twin bed fits in the new larger nook:
{right now the bedding is just in cream & I’m adding Euro shams and quilts at the end of the beds for some color…  }
The striped rug just happens to be in here right now & we plan on replacing the carpet with seagrass because there is a hole in it from where we removed the old closet.  (Justin’s bed hides it nicely in the meantime.)  I’d like to layer a big cowhide in here for a soft play spot.
Below is Christian’s bed on the other side of the room.  The art is up over here and I wrapped fabric around a Euro sham (in my Filigree Chevron in Autumn} & tossed fabric (Fern Star in moss) at the end of the bed to get an idea of how it will feel with the pillows and quilts.
I did a lot of thinking on the Ikea beds.  Christian originally had a similar black Ikea bed in his other bedroom and we really liked the clothes storage & trundle bed feature.  (They can get their own clothes out & help put away the clean ones because the drawers are right on the ground= awesome.)  Christian’s black bed took up a bit more space (both visual space & physical space) as it had side & back rails and two of them would really cramp the new bedroom.  The two new beds together were also $100 less than the 1 black bed with rails so we ended up saving too by not having to buy another black bed.   (It took all day to put them together btw…  we love Ikea’s wordless directions 😉
I’ve thought about adding upholstered headboards to the beds in my filigree chevron fabric (and leaving out the Euro shams) but the arrggggg window isn’t centered so the headboard would overlap the window.   I’m playing with ideas for shapes that might suit it better but I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle…  That left bed does look especially lonely though.
We’re installing these fixtures (by visual comfort) above both boys’ beds so that will help:
…Except they’re in burnished brass:


…And artwork & color on the bed will do a bit more to add interest…  I think I’ll wait & see how it all looks installed before I make any headboard decisions.  The globe mobile is a Christmas gift to the boys from my good friend Elise, who also owns the Design Center of Northern Virginia.
{Justin is thrilled to be hanging out on his big brother’s bed while he’s at preschool… ssshhhhh!}
We keep their toys & books in this oragngey-reddish piece I found years ago (for around $27) at a thrift shop:
{Again, I love how they boys can clean up on their own – okay with me telling them over and over and over- and we have baskets for toy storage underneath.}
…Anyway, there are still a bunch of details to finish up before I’m really in love with it, but the boys are thrilled with their new room for now.  We’re hanging the rest of the artwork & lighting this week and I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

xoxo, Lauren

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