I looooove Springtime!!!  One of my favorite things to do is to bring in things from my yard and put flower arrangements around my house.  (Yeah, I know it’s 2013, but I still love it.)  I like things to look simple & relaxed so one of my staples has always been the classic Ball jar.  Whenever I see them for a great price at a thrift store or flea  market, I pick them up.
{Chive blooms from my mom…  I love them in the bright blue jar in my bathroom which I can’t WAIT to show you more pics of!!}
I was contacted recently by someone from the Ball Jar brand about their just released 100th Anniversary “heritage” collection jars…  and was thrilled when they offered to send me a set of 6 to blog about!!!  (You can find them from different sources online, but here’s one I found: BALL JARS}
As you can see from these pics, the Heritage Collection Ball Jars are a bit more intense of a blue than the older jars, which I love!!!  They’re really vibrant & cheerful looking.



{Surprise Sunflowers from my guys}
I’ve been using them all over the house and the boys have even been drinking out of them.  Although I appreciate a good craft or an extremely-effortful-pretty-something, (my brain is tired and I can’t think of the real word for that, so let’s pretend effortful’s a word. 😉  I rarely do that kind of thing…  BUT… after perusing the Ball jar pinterest page, I got a little inspired and tried a little something fun with the Ball jars for a Friday afternoon happy hour at the office:
(Ciders!  And if you hang out with me, you know these are Woodchucks 😉 😉
We’ve got lots to be thankful for so we are celebrating!!  Have a great weekend!!
And if you need some real Ball jar eye candy, check out their pinterest page here.



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