I just came across this photo of our home office -taken almost a year ago- that I’d never shared and had honestly forgotten we’d taken.
The room is no longer really an office…  (see pic below) we’ve since rearranged it into more of a family room/ kids art/drawing space.   I keep craft supplies I pretend we’ll one day use in there, along with wrapping paper and that kind of thing.  There’s now a wall of taped up kids’ art that’s fun for the boys.  I’ve been doing some writing in there because it’s a bit more removed from the rest of the house and have aspirations of working from home in there every now & then, though that hasn’t quite happened yet.  I love being in the room so much more now that we’ve moved our office out of the house into the studio.  Anyway, thought you might like to see it.
The room is sort of an ever-evolving hodgepodged space.  It’s got lots of storage which seems to keep the rest of the house neater.  (You can check out another view of the room here.) We already had pretty much everything in the room except for the light over the table and I had curtains made out of my “thistle” linen.  It never really feels very together, but I weirdly love it.   Nothing matches or has been put in here for any sort of decorative reason, and it’s always a little messy in, but it just feels good to me to be in this room.   It’s no doubt one of the worst-looking spaces in our house but I like that the room has no real plans…  it sort of feels like this untapped potential my house has that I get excited about sometimes. (We’ve all but run out of book space so the idea of more built-ins one day keeps coming back up. )
Anyway, I’m off, but happy Friday & have a great weekend!!!  
*1st photo by Helen Norman