(Above, some nuts in a vintage jello mold.) Well, since Jonie showed the evolution of our dining room in her recent post, I thought I would share our finally “done” dining room with you! As you might remember, here’s what it looked like when we first moved in:

And here it is now:
I finally made & hung my last set of frayed linen curtains & ordered Sears’ roman shades in ‘natural’ for all of the windows:
I went with a totally white scheme with a few hits of green. I wanted it to be insanely neutral so that I can do whatever I like on the table & have fun with colors:
Right now I have my painted white thrift store bust sitting on a stack of magazines. We use the dining table a lot as a place to just hang out: read, use the computer, etc..

The chairs are from Ballard Designs & of course they’re machine washable slipcpvers. (No other type of whit would last in this house!) The thing I love most about them is that I got the ones on casters & they are So convenient!!! They’re great for pulling out one-handed when you’ve got something in the other hand and for pulling into the living room for extra seating. I didn’t even know how much we’d love them.



And notice the little gray goat skin on the left chair… (above & below) Dave tried to surprise me for our anniversary with this “rug.” He ordered it off of ebay & was thinking it would fit under our lucite coffee table before we had anything under there. Not knowing, this I came home with the cowhide one day and he told me that he’d ordered me a rug for an amazing deal (like $40 I think?) & could I return mine. (I couldn’t.) He said his was a goat. I asked if it was a really big goat?? He said he guessed so. Anyway, I felt really terrible until the “goat” arrived & it was about the size of our dog. So now it just gets moved around the house like the rest of our stuff. And below, I’m finally 100% satisfied & loving my cocoa bead chandelier. It really nheeded the heft of the skirted parsons chairs underneath I think:


Thank you all so much for the wonderful emails & comments & “gifts!” Have an awesome weekend!!!