This will be our first Spring in our new house & we’re so excited to get to gardening!!  We’ve decided to do a pretty big vegetable garden… one that we can eat from, but -most importantly to me- one that we can enjoy being in.  It’ll be a mix of flowers and vegetables and even fun structures like a living tee pee for the boys to play in.  To help me with the design and to actually create the garden, I’ve called one of my oldest childhood friends- Danylo Kosovych- who owns Organic Edible Gardens to help me with my 27′ x 18′ large plot.

Danylo came over yesterday to take a look at everything and we started brainstorming together.  I was blown away by his imaginative ideas and willingness to make the garden a fun place for our boys.  You can take a look at the -not scaled- general idea we’re thinking about right now.  The centers of the bed where the circles are will be potted fruit trees (lemon I hope!!) and the left side of the plan is my house.  The top of the plan shows my fence to the front yard, which opens as wide as the pathway.  We’re planning on edging the gardens in chartreuse oregano.  (That’s what I call it anyway 😉 for a structured look that’s full of mayhem and wildness inside the beds.
I’ll share more as Danylo & his design team plan out the details (and create the actual design plans which are much prettier than mine 😉  and I’ll be sure to share progress and after pics!!  
If you’re in the DC area and are looking to get started planning an organic edible garden & need help getting started, check out Organic Edible Gardens.  (They’re booking up quickly because it’s Spring but it’s so worth it!!!)  Danylo & his team are A-mazing!!
ps- I will be sure to show you our kindergarten pics next week!! haha
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