Well, we’ve been busy as usual around here & I thought I’d share some pictures of our progress. Above & below is the mantle arrangement I just did today… You know how you just get restless sometimes & need a change?


I still haven’t gotten anything on the walls “permanently” in this house yet!! And the walls are still the same shade of builder’s white as when we moved in… It’s been driving me insane but what I want to do requires lots of time & effort and we’re just so not there yet. But anyway, I had fun picking some hosta leaves for the mantle (below):


And, in the kitchen we’ve made a few minor changes. Here’s the “before” for a quick reminder:

And here is it now:

The cabinets are now a pretty shade of gray-green that works really well with our views outside. I’m really happy with them but who knows how long they’ll stay green? We also got cup pulls from Home Depot for the drawers & knobs for the cabinets (to match my far-in-the-future stainless steel appliances) which made HUGE difference (to me 😉 …. Still no wax covers on my vintage chandelier…

I found this HUGE chalkboard (almost 6 feet high) at one of my favorite thrift stores for $40 and I can’t tell you enough what a lifesaver it’s been!!! My little guy got really into throwing his food on the wall by his high chair (ahhhhhh!!) and I was really second-guessing putting up wallpaper because it would get ruined. (ignore the messed up wall in the corner 😉


Now, it’s in the perfect spot to protect the wall & now he wouldn’t dare ruin his beautiful artwork by throwing food on it. Yay!! Wallpaper coming soon!!


And finally, my coconut bead chandelier from Anthropologie arrived!!! (below) I’m having some issues because of course now the chandelier makes me want to buy the right table and the perfect chairs… hahahaha
(It looked AWFUL with my little Gustavian desk I was using as a console (the aqua one?) so I moved in an Ikea shelf we have, thinking of it as a temporary fix for the iron & reclaimed X shelves I want so badly… ) But I’m actually pretty happy with it and I’m sure it’ll stay for a bit… (Husband is even happier 🙂 I desperately needed a spot for rotating accessories & pretty things so now I’ve got it! yay!!
So, one last look at our dining room as it is now… Soon to come- slipcovered parsons chairs and HOPEFULLY the perfect table… We really want to use this space as an extension of the living room and a library/ place to display books & cool objects and have it double as a dining room when guests come over. For now, I’m very happy 🙂


Hope you enjoyed!! Have a great weekend!!!