“On a Whim” is a beautiful little store in a converted barn in Lucketts, Virginia right before you get to the Old Lucketts Store & Lucketts Design House. You can’t miss the polkadotted siloh!! The owner, Donna, and her daughter are as sweet as can be when you go in there & they have handpicked their dealers with a beautiful an eye for display.

I think they will soon be selling online so check back!! I’m off to run out to go clothes shopping (you know you buy too many things for the home when you have to say, “clothes shopping.” haha It’s been so long since I’ve bought clothes & some of you bloggers out there have gotten me in the mood for some goodies!! 😉 but I think these pics speak for themselves. Enjoy the “shopping trip!” 😉 (ok, one thing– i LOVE this chandelier!!! )




Hope you enjoyed checking out this awesome store!!! The prices are amazing & it’s always changing!!