If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might have picked up that I’m not very good with doing regular blog series.  (And if you’re new, well, I’m not good with doing regular blog series.)  I like to write about what floats my boat on any given day, so I’m better with irregular posts.  BUT in my mind I like to have some sort of organization so one of the new irregular series I’ll be doing around here will be “Love” Houses.  These are the houses that have been featured in magazines or online that I just can’t get over.  The articles I go back to for staring at time and time again.  The ones that I feel disappointed about when the text runs out.  The ones that get me dreaming & excited.  Some are old, some are new, but these houses are my favorite and go in the “love” pile and I thought it might be fun to share some of them on the blog.

My first favorite house/ estate is called Cherryfilelds (yes, it has a name 🙂  and belongs to John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross (of Dransfield & Ross) and was featured in Elle Decor’s July/ August 2010 issue.  Text is by Peter Tersian.  Photography is by Simon Upton & it was styled by Carlos Mota.

{I dream of having a massive living toom large enough for multiple interesting groupings.}
Dranfield & Ross actually traded for this house with its owner, Nancy Pine AKA “Princess” (an “outrageous” fabulous widow in her 80s.)   They foudn the house but it wasn’t on the market.  They would stalk the house until they finally made an appointment to meet with Princess.  “They made a deal on the spot” and just needed to wait until Princess could find a house to move to.  They waited months while she searched and finally she asked them what type of house they had.  It was an 1806 farmhouse and they ended up swapping houses.  They think of her as their Auntie Mame and she visits when they’re out, leaving notes.   My favorite part is that Princess says “The best time to visit someone is when they’re not at home.”
“The building is long & rambling but it’s only one room deep, so all the major rooms have light on both north and south sides.”—- ummm, a-mazing.
{You know I loooove these pools}
I love the conservatory-feel in some of the rooms:
{love their pup!}
…And find myself more & more drawn to black.
Light & airy yet dramatic at the same time:


I love that the house has a combination of airy rooms & moodier rooms.


The kitchen is so charming.  Again, it’s got that fresh-deep thing going on that I love.
I love this shot of the butler’s pantry:
Everything feels so authentic & collected.  It feels carefree & relaxed yet elegant.  It’s a laid-back formality that’s really refreshing.  I just want to be there when Iook at the pictures.
You can view the article online at Elle Decor here and I’ll be posting more “Love” houses every now & then!
I’m off for the day, but hope you had a great weekend!!  Only a couple more weeks until school’s out for the summer & I can’t wait!!! (my husband’s a teacher)  I have the window open right now & have to be honest that I’m finding it harder & harder to buckle down in the office.  Outside’s calling!!  eeeeeeeeeeek
xoxo, Lauren
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